So cool

I’m really excited with some new stuff concerning the site & the dutch dares blog. We are working really hard and have already improved some stuff on the site but wait till it’s all done, it is going to change a LOT.

Haven’t been able to scrap but I’m cheating a little on the next dutch dare, it’s a lo I was working on already so you’ll be able to see that next wednesday. And I’ve been working on some scrap a little sunshine books with some other people.

Hopefully the weather will be ok enough for a photoshoot as we had to cancel last wednesday due to rain 😦 And then there is a lot of painting to be done in the living room this weekend …. I’m really excited as I have been wanting to do this even before Colin was born but there’s always something else to be done ….

SO what are you doing this weekend ?

3 thoughts on “So cool

  1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some good weather, because it is so cool to have a photo shoot by Florence. Enjoy it! I am sure she will make gorgeous pics of you and your cute boys.


  2. Mmm wat ik ga doen dit weekend?? Een reisje zoeken op internet….nog 1 week werken en dan zijn we heerlijk 2 weken vrij :-)Heel veel plezier met de fotoshoot bij Flo, ik zal duimen voor goed weer!Groetjes,Annemieke


  3. I hope the weather will be fine this weekend! :)I will enjoy the last days of our autumnbreak… visit some friends and hopefully do some scrapping too! :)Have a great weekend girl!


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