a LONG post of all sorts

I’ve been a bit busy have you noticed LOL. I promised you some pics from our weekend away and here’s a compilation, I really like the giraffe one (i have more of those), and the one of colin with the giraffe in the background is awesome except picasa chopped of the sides. There are many many more but I didn’t want to bore you….

Here are some of my other fave’s :

I’ve been really busy with admin and workshops but have managed to scrap a little bit, made a small canvas last night and a cute fall mini album for a workshop I teach. I really love how the album turned out and there aren’t even any pic’s in it yet… Lol. This is a joint project between me and Nicole, we threw some idea’s together and set the sizes and then each of us made it into our own, can’t wait to see her version. Love sharing like this and that’s why I love having such a fab team, we share and don’t mind it if we get inspired from each other and make our own version. Will show a peak soon !

Now I’m assuming everyone reads Corinne’s blog which will mean you will all have read the news we’re planning to get around Holland in the coming year and to start it all off we’re organising a superfun event in 7 & 8 March with the fab Celine Navarro. So excited it’s really going to be well worth it !

On a personal front Michael has been needing a lot of hugs this week as his mouth is really sore … Feel so sorry for him, switching from “babyteeth” to “grown up” is just no fun …. He has another huge abces next to his moulder and we told the dentist we’re not pulling again, it’s just no option he keeps getting this we can’t simply pull them all ….. So we have to go to the hospital and get a surgeon to look at it and take pic’s. Let’s hope he has a solution …..

Also I seem to have aquired an award this week for the webshop with the worst service ever according to one forum. Again another case of “broodje aap” (urban legend), someone starts a thread and states something that wasn’t entirely true and everyone jumps in to shit over it (excuse my language). Oh well you know I’m handling it better than the last time (this is the 2nd thread on the same forum …) and have decided not to let it influence me, I know that people get good service @ MLS. I’m not saying I don’t make a mistake this happens every now and then, as we all can make @ work, but it’s how you deal with it that counts !

I’m busy making preparations to go to the Alliance retreat, trying not to pack as much as last year but DH keeps laughing (as well as the girls when I say this ….) I’ll have to try my hardest I must admit ….. I will try to share my projects and cards before I go !

9 thoughts on “a LONG post of all sorts

  1. Cool pics, i am so in love with giraffes…. especially their long eyelashes!! Don’t let the bad talk get you down, but i read that it doesn’t really…so good on ya!Hope Michael feels better soon…


  2. Mooie foto’s en ik wil ook even zeggen dat ik de service prima vond! Kreeg netjes wat ik besteld had, met een leuk handgeschreven kaartje met lintje! In Twente zeggen we “loat goan”…Lidia x


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