6 women, one cottage and loads of scrapsupplies

Stick the above in one place and you get a scrapfest !

This weekend was the annual alliance weekend and it was great fun. Lot’s of good food, inspiration, singing, photography, sharing and late nights 😉
This is what I brought with me although I forgot to get my weekendbag and 2 cases in the pic.
And this is what I made with it, a recordnumber of lo’s, with one left that’s 95% so I won’t show that yet. So happy with these since I wanted to scap a lot of lo’s with pic’s I had printed of in a wimb and did not realize that of some I had only one to make a lo with. Then Corinne suggested I scrap on 8,5 x 11 and that was it I went crazy 😉 This is a fab size I must admit and will definately be doing this more often.
**edited ** I removed the MAD lo as everyone loved it so (thanks) I have decided to send it in for publication, will be my 1st time but I’d love to try ……

Can’t wait to show you the great photo’s that Bonnette, Birgit & Corinne made of me. It always takes me a while to warm up to the camera so we did some shots on saturday so I was ready for the photoshoot on sunday @ the Hunebedden in Drouwenerzand.

12 thoughts on “6 women, one cottage and loads of scrapsupplies

  1. Wow Daan… you did lots of scrappin’ this time! Don’t you just love that size? 🙂 I love your lo’s! And next time when you’re in Drouwenerzand… give me a call… It’s near my work! 😉


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