you may have noticed

I’ve been a bit busy ….

We’ve anounced a super sale in the webshop last weekend and with Sinterklaas (this year we rented a sinterklaas with pieten together with my friend Martine and it was so cool) and all the orders I’ve been swamped. I will show some pics this weekend, just have to work on them as it’s really hard to take a decent pic inside with kids jumping up and down, running around and opening prezzies … pfff how does anybody get a decent few around sinterklaas or xmas ???

I received a nice gift from sinterklaas yesterday, I was so inspired by Ali (ok who isn’t LOL) with this project and thought it would be nice to have a dutch version for the boys. After a little googling I found a translation, but even better I then found this: a book with the dutch and english version how cool is that ? I won’t be able to make the rolodex this year but will enjoy the preparations for next year.

This year I will just make some styropor xmas trees with paper (I love the traditional Daisy D’s xmas paper), buttons and maybe felt or fabric.

Unfortunately Angelique (with a heavy heart) has handed in her resignation as she needs some more time to scrap just for fun. I’m so gratefull she was part of the team from the beginning and stuck by me this year eventhough it was busy, she truly is my BFF and very dear to me.
So we’ve also been very busy scouting all the online galleries, blogs etc. looking for a new dt member that have a style that will complement the team and has plenty of free time on her hands 😉 …


5 thoughts on “you may have noticed

  1. Hope you had a great time! I can imagine you’re sooo busy around this time of the year!!! Can’t wait to see the fun pictures!!!And I love your new profile pic too! So cool!!Enjoy the rest of your Sunday..and thanks for stopping by at my blog! XOXO


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