I had a little accident

I was riding my bicycle home (and another one that was still at my work so me and 2 bikes) and whilst on the path a car swirled out of a driveway and instead of going directly accross the path onto the road he thought he’d cut off a bit and drove towards me over the bike path. He saw me quite late and got the shock of a lifetime and since we both couldn’t change directions quick enough we collided a bit …… But that bit was enough to make me fall to the ground (thank god against his car and not under) and hit my knee on the pavement. So here I am, on the couch feeling a bit sorry for myself as I’m in pain with a BIG & sore knee (blue, scraped & bloody oh and did I mention pain ?) …

13 thoughts on “I had a little accident

  1. o poor thing!! well… i guess i was that horribel autodriver last week. only the woman was 70. oops. luckely for me she was a toughy!! hope your knee gets better soon!!!


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