Crafty not necessarily Scrappy

I’ve been sharing lot’s of inspirational links with friends over the last week (sitting on a couch gives you some more time than usual being immobile and all …) and I thought I’d share one or two with you, enjoy !

Have to make these when we’ve finished all our rebuilding at home Snowmen

This link gave Elwira a new obsession for bags (the bags are cute and I like her paintings too) Dutch Colours

And for fun ideas to make with the kids (for those of us that have them):
Het lieveheersbeestje (check out the eggbox flowers)

Her interior decorating inspires me to get my house back into shape in 2008 after a hybernation mode of about 10 years …. My everyday things

Enjoy !

btw We’re watching the movie Elf right now this is such a fun movie, too bad I haven’t got a dutch version for the kids, going to look into that !

4 thoughts on “Crafty not necessarily Scrappy

  1. Hi Daan – Jij vroeg over de Sizzix die ornaments. Ik heb twee PPs op elkaar geplakt voor stevigheid, dan pas uitgestanst (2x), waarvan 1 in spiegelbeeld, want de stans is niet helemaal symmetrisch. Vervolgens kralen aan een touwtje geregen en die tussen de 2 stansen ingenaaid op de naaimachine. Duidelijk? Mocht je nog vragen hebben dan hoor ik het wel.


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