Xmas & New Year’s impression

Here are some impressions from our christmas. First xmas day we stayed in, pj’s only, nice old school tradition : “gourmet” (lot’s of meat and the kids cook it themselves with little cooking pans) and playing with the wii the whole family received as a gift from santa ! Second xmas day we went out to the Zoo and walked around a few hours enjoying the nice weather and being together (although I was in pain the rest of the evening 😉 …) and then the boys played some more on the wii while we prepared a chicken roast.

New Years Eve we played with fireworks a bit (Colin found out you cannot touch sparkles even when they stopped burning …. we learned a good lesson here, when we tell children (ours or others) not to do something we need to repeat it specifically to Colin or else it will just not reach him (a problem we run into a LOT with him), before the boys went to bed and then woke them up just before 12 to traditionally eat “oliebollen”, toast and watch fireworks from our bedroom. That was fun but after an hour the fireworks died down (really soon this year) and we all went to sleep.

11 thoughts on “Xmas & New Year’s impression

  1. Great pictures. It seems like you had a wonderful time. Isn’t the Wii fun to play? We got one from Sinterklaas, and we all love it. Best wishes to you and your loved ones. Or did I already say that in the other post? 🙂


  2. Wat een heerlijke gezellige boel! Jouw kerst straalt een en al warmte uit en hoe belangrijk je gezin voor je is. Dat kerststalletje is ook zóóó leuk en dan die (zelfgemaakte) engel in de boom…..!!!


  3. hi sweetpeaFirstly – your pictures in review of your boys are GORGOUS!! Sorry to read about your gorge boy having hospital treatment for his tooth removal.Thirdly happy new year, you happy, musical girl xx


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