Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

Or is it the other way around ? Or not ?

I don’t care all I can say is I have finally found my word for 2008 ! Health ! I want to take better care of myself not only foodwise but also in the form of relaxation and a bit more fun.

Today I started my day eating healthy and ended it that way too. Tommorow I will go visit the Weight Watchers to lose the 5 kilo’s I gained somewhere this year that results into my clothes not fitting …. that somehow I cannot seem to lose. After both boys I lost 12 kilo’s following the WW regime (without attending, so I did it all by myself) but at the moment I’m so busy and not in the right state of mind and I cannot seem to do it on my own.
So I need a little help from them and my support group 😀
My mother also has (we’re jojo’s each in our own weightclasses, yes just like boxers LOL) having weight problems (it’s definately in the genes we can look at choc, chips etc. and gain weight which results in me always having to make choices) so I dared her to go to and promised ourselves something after 5 kilo’s and I’m thinking of jewelry or a wellness centre.
I know that once I fit in my clothes I will feel happier, my leg will have less to carry (you see it should take another 6 weeks to heal WITHOUT surgery phew but in the meantime it’s a heavy load for my other not so ok knee) and I can buy some fun new summerclothes. Things could be worse I know, but for me now, this is keeping me busy.

For relaxation I plan to scrap more, get together with friends more and with scrap together with some of them and dinner or dancing with others and go out more with DH and have some fun by going to movies (we LOVE doing this), we already have theatertickets and I want to go away for a romantic weekend together.

So have you found your word yet ?

And for those of you going on the health kick, what are you giving yourself (or receiving) to keep yourself motivated ?

6 thoughts on “Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

  1. Go for it! Last week I made an appointment to see a Reiki master. The energy and her kindness felt so wonderful! Hhhmmmm, kind of feeling like being hugged or something. Just exactly what I needed, connecting to my spiritual life. My word for 2008 is “basic”. Trying to simplify things and getting to the basics.


  2. I started to be a bit healthier before the end of the year but I am not doing quite so good now…..I just ate a handful of left over chocolates from xmas!!!!!! oh well, I am sure I will start behaving soon…..Ihope you have more luck…. :o)


  3. Oja! Vorig jaar had ik balans als woord. Jaartje verder.. even denken.. nope, niet gevonden. Mijn nieuwe woord: geen idee. Kom ik nog op terug :DDD


  4. welcome and join the club 😀 I started weight watchers too (thanks to skinny corrine) so I wish us both gooooood luck. Good for you to take your mom with I just heard my coach says it is better to go with someone ;)I need to add fun and relax into my new TIME schedule. It is so importent.c u soon, Nili:)


  5. I can relate about the 5kg….Seems I can’t loose those either..LOL. Health is what I wish for, especially for Nathan (we are having worries with how the bone is healing) and for the rest of us…I’m running 3 times a week and it does wonder for my mental helath as well! Good for you on doing this. I’ve been eyeing this piece of jewelery for a while too.


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