I’m off

For the day ! I so hate to pack for crops … I never know what to bring and always end up bringing too much …
But now I’m all set and will drive to Ede for the Sis Crop and although I am leaving behing so much work I really need this to keep my sanity, DH has been going to the gym to get some time to himself we’re trying to find our way to relax more and endjoy our hobbies. Hope to show you something that I’ve made this weekend, but then I might just end up chatting and eating way too much and won’t get any scrapping done LOL.

So what work am I leaving behind you might ask, well thankfully only a tiny bit of admin, lot’s of b’day planning for Michael (he would like pokemon party) but explosions about everywhere else in the house I’m afraid. Today I spent most of the day purging the attic, my god we have so much stuff and I have to make some space so DH can start building a spare room for guests (a special one is coming in march and I hope another in june …) and we haven’t even finished the hallway so you can imagine the state of our home …. This will be continued on sunday and we have to bcause we have so much stuff…. But once it’s cleared I’m confident he will get lots done over the next 2 weeks !

Speaking of my DH, last week his blog had his 1 yr anniversery, very funny if you think about it as he made this as a joke and a year later he’s kinda famous in scrapland and almost being published more than me as his 2nd interview for an e-zine is coming up soon. He is however a bit dissapointed about not getting enough comments as you can tell by his post from today …. So leave him a little comment, he’d love to read who his fans are !

I’ll leave you a few photo’s from our recent trip to the efteling, that I’d like to share with you, have a nice weekend !


  1. Ingrid

    I know what you’re talking about. I too never know what to bring to a crop. I always take too much, and there is always something that I forget. Have lots of fun in Ede!

    And good luck on cleaning the attic. Our spare rooms need to be cleared out too. Definitely something I don’t like to do.

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