Catching up a very random post

We’ve been very busy this last week, 2 little boys with the flu, DH busy clearing/sorting the attic (so he can start building next week), preparing for a birthday bash (we always start preparing tooo late on M’s celebration), updating the shop, and going to physical therapy. Wow the week went by so fast …. and the weekend even faster with 2 birthdayparties !

I’ve also been in a bit of indecision about a scrapping tool and needs some help here. I have a silhouette but have found I don’t use it enough (Let’s face it, it’s too pricey not to use) and it does cut out smoother and all swirls and edges are nice and prettier than the small cricut. I’m still opting to maybe sell it and buy a cricut expression instead. Although in the end that is more expensive as a silhouette is just as expensive as a cricut and a cartridge are together and you don’t need any cartridges for the silhouette just the pc; the fact that the cricut can cut thin chipboard makes it more worthwile with giving workshops and such …
So help me out which one do you have and what are your experiences ?

Also I’ve been so happy that I finally started to use bloglines, I had so many blogs in my favorites but just didn’t have enough time to visit all my blogfriends and other blogs I love. Let’s face it I’m a busy gal and want to maximize every minute ! I love to keep up with my blogfriends lives and this way I don’t have to miss any posts, scrap inspiration or any other lovely eyecandy and it only costs me about 10 minutes a day…. gotta love all the technology that can help us busy women out 😉

And on the blog of a cool scrapping gal (Sarah van Wijk ) I found this:

so glad I didn’t miss this and just had to share it with you just in case you haven’t spotted her blog yet !

8 thoughts on “Catching up a very random post

  1. Ik gebruik nu flock (browser met zelfde idee als bloglines) nadat jij het erover had bij Flo, ;t scheelt gigantisch ben er helemaal blij mee! Gaat het alweer wat beter met je knie??? Hoop het! xoxo


  2. ‘k hoop dat het met jullie allemaal weer wat beter gaat en bloglines is idd ideaal, heb het ook…alleen… je moet het wel elke dag even doen anders heb je na een week iets van 200 feeds en dan ben je alsnog een hele avond bezig alle blogs te lezen 🙂


  3. Hey sweetie, had a bit of catching up to do here… Hope your family is feeling all better now! And you know already… i’ll stick to the Silhouette for now LOL. Thanks for sharing the great balance image!LOVE the layouts in the previous post!


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