Birthday Boy

This cute boy turned 7 today !
He came out of his room with a huge grin and I don’t think that has stopped yet ! We gave him his presents, colin gave him a pokemon duvet cover(dekbedhoes) and we gave him 2 Wii games Avatar and Barnyard (which was a great deal last month so we’ve had them ready for a while) before we went to school with his treats (we made pokemons from candy which he loved seeing this morning) and he chose the restaurant for this evening which will be Burger King (sorry weight watchers LOL).
Tommorow we will host his Pokemon Party and on sunday the big Pokemon birthday bash (notice a pattern LOL).
Please leave him a message on his blog, he just loves it when the counter goes up, but even more if he has a comment ;). Thanks !
* ps. the photo is from Florence Bavinck Photography.

7 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Happy Birthday Michael!!! Have a great day. Wow a Pokemon party, i know 2 kids here that would be very jaleous! And not only of the wii too.Thanks for the card for Nathan, he was very pleased to get some more atention!Have fun!


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