1st Scrap-a-licious Weekend

This weekend was a lot of hard work but we’ve had fun too ! We had the whole shop packed into 19 moving boxes and boy that was a lot to move but it was worth it as we had just about everything everyone was looking for. Totally need more people to help out next time with the shop though as I didn’t have the opportunity to meet people I didn’t know, talk to people I did know or finally met IRL 😦 as I was busy making invoices and dealing with the payments.
Dear Diana, Marije, Astrid, Ingrid, Hanneke, Petra, Sylvia, Fauve I hope next time we meet we’ll have more time to chat (next SiS Crop maybe ?) !!
I’ve almost unpacked everything, already been to the wholesalers for new crayons, skulls and pins, reordered a lot of stock for the shop and now I have some admin to work through.

Thanks DH, Mandy, Wendy & Corinne for helping out in the shop and other stuff and Celine for giving some awesome workshops that I unfortunately totally missed as I was working 😉 and thanks everyone for your patience while trying to pay, it was our first big event and I’m taking it all in as a big learning experience for the 2nd Scrap-a-licious workshop ^^)

My toothache is slowly getting less and less, so I guess the dentist was right …. And my back took a turn for the worse over the weekend, hmmm I wonder why 😉 but after a good massage on saturday (thx Wendy) and a visit to my fysio yesterday I’m doing much better !

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