Long Update

Thinking back I’ve had this crisis around the same time last year too… And I want to thank all my (blog & irl) friends for getting my spirits up through your comments and chats and especially Liek for her sweet happinez sentiment and Flo for the hugs. BUT the biggest surprise was this card and besides being absolutely fab it was so unexpected (you see I’m the kind of person that sends cards and gifts regularly but rarely receive them in return) that it blew me away. Thanks so much Ingrid, this was the cherry on all the sweetness I have received in the last 2 weeks.

I have thought long and hard and decided that things can only get better and I have to make some changes in my life to make them better. So I’ve asked my mom for some assistance and she is helping me out with the shop for a while, just getting things organized that I’m not getting done in the 2 days and 7 nights that I have off from my regular job. Want to get my healthy slimmer self back again so I’ve returned to the gym to get back into shape and give me some relaxation & energy and I’ve even made some time to scrap this week….

So as for an update from the last 2 weeks, here we go !

DH’s been really sweet to me lot’s of cuddles and backrubs 😀 and he got me the cd “Rockferry” by Duffy and I LOVE it ! Not only this song is fab but the rest is cool too, totally my style reminds me of Carmel.

A sweet scrapper in the US (thanks Wendy!!) helped us out and ordered this

and mailed it to us so we too can scare the world with our funny video’s. Watch out LOL. It arrived right on time BECAUSE Michael is swimming for his A certificate after 2 years of lessons, we are so happy (and so is our wallet) and we will be having a little party, we bought him some cool books from Geronimo Stilton (Fantasia and some of the smaller series) and we are going to Burger King for dinner.

Colin started judo lessons and is having a ball, we got him the suit and everything we think it is the perfect sport for our bouncy ball who loves to grab and hold people hihi.

We’ve been trying to make a new banner but so far nothing has been good enough so we are still working on that (well DH is …) so you’ll have to wait for that.

The boys cooked dinner for easter and it was fun to see if the recipes they picked were to their taste (well not everything was LOL) but it was a good step towards awareness of other menus besides pancakes, fries and pizza which they choose when they can decide the menu ….

Oh and I yesterday I went to a workshop @ SDJZ given by the lovely Jo-Anne and Lucy and had a great time, they had a fab mini-album that I’m finishing off this week it’s so cool ! We totally surprised Lucy by coming as she didn’t know and sitting between the fab Monique and Corinne was fun ! I will show my lo soon too !


  1. Anonymous

    Even een berichtje om je te zeggen dat ik hoop dat je je snel weer lekkerder voelt!! Goed dat je een aantal dingen op gaat pakken en op die manier zorgt voor verandering.
    Zet ‘m op!!

  2. Unknown

    The only way is up my darling – so glad that you’re working things through… I need to get exercising too! And where or where would we be without our Mums? Loads of love dxx

  3. Monique Helfrich

    Zo fijn dat het weer de goede kant op gaat en ik vond het ook heel gezellig zaterdag!!! Dit Flip is vast goed gebruikt dit weekend of ben je van de afzemspanning helemaal vergeten te filmen? Hoe is het zondag gegaan?

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