I wanted to share some things with you my friends (pic overload)

About my boys, haven’t chatted about them in a while and I’m doubting wether to do this on their blogs or just continue here but for now here’s the deal in the life of Michael :

He got his 1st Swimming Certificate after 2 long years of swimming lessons…. (Now 2years might be long and let me tell you it was, he switched teachers after 1 year and that was not a good idea, she wasn’t the right combination of strikt and fun, she was way too sweet and a softie). So this saturday he’s starting @ a new swimschool for his next certificate. Here are some pics of the final moment and his prezzies afterwards (wel after we had dinner @ his favorite restaurant Burger King LOL) some books from Geronimo Stilton which included Fantasia, Fantasia II and the smaller series. He was stoked as he loves reading !

There was a soccermatch between schools and although they took the 2 best players in his grade and moved them in the team of a higher grade, they lost all games they had so a lot of fun ! Here’s a recap
now here’s the deal in the life of Colin :

He’s started judo classes and he’s having a ball, I’ll share some pics soon ! It’s really a perfect sport for him as he’s quite the touchy, feely, holding everyone kinda type but also because he’s quite a restless boy who has trouble focussing his attention especially when he needs to listen….

His favorite thing to do over easter was play a game called toktoktick (sorry don’t know how to translate it but it’s basically a crashing of eggs and the one who’s egg breaks after one time loses) with boiled eggs.

He likes to position his fave cuddly toys in a row around him, this time he made a row over his belly 😉

And I’m making a lo very soon with this photo

Something Colin calls Rocky Rock but he really means Rock & Roll (yep DH is trying to teach him the signs for their first rockconcert)

We had fun in the snow over easter

And the boys made us dinner, they picked the recipes and helped prepare it. It was so much fun we will be doing this more often !

Oh and here’s something from my life. I’m sure we all feel this way, we don’t like a lot of our old lo’s but it’s the road we travel to “get” a certain style so we leave them bcause if we should want to redo all our old lo’s we would never get any scrapping done. But sometimes it’s just so wrong in so many ways (i have about 3 of those) and this is one of them :

And now (thanks to a pencillines sketch) it looks like this :


ps. did you see the cool dutch dare that went online yesterday ? Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to participate in the last few but I hope to get into the swing of it soon !

11 thoughts on “I wanted to share some things with you my friends (pic overload)

  1. Congrats to M. Boys are busy now 16m and I’m just so crossing my fingers that A will be in he pocket before 2 months….So tired of sweating an hour a week watching them swim. We just switched pool because i was not happening…..Great photos!


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