I finally scrapped and finished something

In a record time I might add 😀 You all know I’m a very slow scrapper, but I had it going on yesterday and finished a lo in 2 hours … I only had the printer holding me back but finished it with a dummy photo and got that sorted this morning. I think it’s so cute !

So that was my take on the Dutch Dare of today, all about dutch games, you can check out what the other girls did here.

Oh and I also made a quick card from Nancy’s instructions, she rocks her cards and her tutorials are so fun to try. Thanks girl ! I had a bit of a deadline so it’s not quite the same as her card, but close enough (there is bling on the tag but it blew over).

I forgot to show this lo here and only posted it on sistv …. I made it last month @ the sis crop and used my new 2nd hand typewriter that I bought on queensday.

Now I’m off to prepare more stuff for saturday, shout out if you’re coming I have no idea who is coming besides the MLS team, Danielle and Monique LOL.


6 thoughts on “I finally scrapped and finished something

  1. Oowww.. you sure have been busy!! And I sooooo love your card! Thank you so much for taking the time to create a card with my workshop!! Your version really ROCKS!! The colors are so bright and fun.. And your layouts ROCK!!!! Good luck with preparing everything girlie!XOXOXO


  2. Love your lo, for the DD, those faces are precious!! Card and the other lo look great too, how cute those little boys in that tiny pool :-))


  3. Wow, Danielle, only 2 hours??? You did a great job! Also love the card and the other LO! That 2nd hand typewriter sounds like fun to me!!


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