My Life an update

So I haven’t been updating much more than the occasional lo so I wanted to update you on what’s been going on in my busy little life :

*Been scrapping regularly but at a VERY slow pace
*went to a Bon Jovi concert
*Got tickets to go see Meat Loaf
*Did NOT go to Kylie 🙁
*actually watched 2 whole euro soccer matches
*And how could I not share out that Michael got his 2nd swimming diploma (B) and for some miracle he changed his mind and will be going for his C
*Colin who only recently started judo got his yellow badge, totally unexpected !
*caught up on EVERYTHING from Greys Anatomy
*Started watching Army Wives online
*Went shopping with DH and he actually bought clothes (ok 2 items but hey who’s complaining)
Been buying a few cute outfits here and there
*Discovered the BESTEST brand Sally Hansen (nails, hands & feet) and boy do I recommend her creams for hands & feet !!
*jogged and went to the gym
*Enjoyed a BBQ to celebrate 2 colleagues graduation
*Had fun @ 2 peanutball tournaments
*Had dates with Revlie, Daphne & Flo no time for scrapping though just tea and cookies
*Went to Derek Ogilvie, wow he’s a charming & funny guy
*Missed 2 weddings due to a logistical problem and a tummy bug
*Went for a retailers day to take mini workshops from Donna Downey, Lance Anderson (Rusty Pickle), Layle Koncar (Scenic Route), Jeannie Jamovich (Making Memories), Jennifer Moody (Deluxe Designs) and Karen Burniston.

*Update my playlists on I’ll share some of those lists with you in the future

*I won a scrap collection pack from Scenic Route and RAK from Hambley this month YAY lucky me !!
*Bought a trampoline for the boys (sssshhhh don’t tell they won’t see it till after our trip to disney)
*Getting my garden into shape, looking fun and comfy for the summer, will share some pics when it’s done
*Watched more movies; Just Like Heaven, Stardust, Transformers (wow) and ehm the other one I can’t remember so that probably wasn’t that good LOL.
*Oh and I think we had a few kiddieparties that we went to here and there

So my mom is going to the states next month and I’m making a list what she needs to bring back for me, so far I’ve put this on the list:
A pair of basic UGGs
A pink baseball glove 😀
THE martha stewart scalopped punch
A McGill tab punch (the round tab)

Anything else I should put on the list ?

We’re going to Disney next week for a couple of days (well 5 to be exact) so we’ve organised a house sitter and hopefully a house painter too. The boys (and us 2 big ones) are so psyched we can’t wait. Now everyone is amazed we are going for so long but this way we can see everything and do everything in a relaxed pace and more than once (or twice) if we want to 😀
Now all I have to do is prepare my packing list and do shopping for it …

Can I bring anyone back anything from the Magic Kingdom ? Some fairydust maybe 😀


  1. Anonymous

    You were busy, girl! Starting to know you and Ed, i think you will love Disney and most likely, the kids will get bored quickly than you guys ;)…hehehe…
    We loved it every time we were there and I think 5 days are perfect, like that you can enjoy the hotel as well (are you in one of the resort’s hotels?)
    OK, off to get busy myself…

  2. Unknown

    some magic, is always good 😀 5 day’s are fun!!! I wish you all the best!
    (The Martha stewart pucnhes ROCKS! I SO want them! (Did you see the scalloped heart? so cute!)

  3. Anonymous

    Heeej! Ik ben ook Army Wives aan het kijken! Ben sinds afgelopen week bij met Amerika. Tjee, wat een goede serie vind ik dat, jij ook? Ik zat bij de season finale echt aan de computer gekluisterd!

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