Super Size Me

OMG I am watching the SSM documentary and am becoming sick to my stomach, also quite amazed by his appearant addictive reaction to all the Mc Donalds. Hmmmm I think that I’ve found an explanation for my potatochips addiction that I seem to have aquired after my little knee accident …. I should just stick to chocolate, a better addiction bcause that at least gives you a happy feeling !

But anyhooo I have decided after today I’m really going to leave them alone during the week and get back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon (which for me equals just eating healthier according to their guidelines).

We do eat pretty healthy I think, the boys (and so do I, DH is another story) take fruit and veggies with them to school, we don’t eat a lot of gravy with our food and we all get plenty of excercise. But we eat from our local fast food (patatzaak) once a week, I think we shold cut down on that a bit. At least how many snacks we order with our french fries … And lemonade & juices we try to keep that to a minimum and give water & tea too, but sometimes it creeps in as it’s easy to grab so I’ll be watching that a bit more.

What do you do to eat & stay healthy ?


  1. Anonymous

    Ooh ja ik heb het gisteren ook zitten kijken! Poeh! Ik ben gek op een MacD-tje op z’n tijd maar wat afschuwelijk!

    Afgelopen mei naar USA geweest en inderaad, er zijn serieus mensen die ’s ochtens al aan de Big Mac zitten.. Ook de porties zijn ongelooflijk groot! (al hebben ze de Super Size niet meer)

  2. rev

    haha, seems like good 'ol hubby is mad? haha. good you cleared that out…
    we eat healthy actually. we eat fries (take out) for like once every 2 months. sanne is not used to it, so doesn't ask for it :D. and she LOVES fruit & veggies. so instead of cookies or something out of school we usually take fruit. but she is allowed to eat candy though. she just doesn't love it that much (in stead of (water) icecream, but that's like limonade so ok). i do "sonja bakker" to keep in shape 😀

    mm and i'm glad i didn't watch the documentary 😀

  3. Anonymous

    Heb t ook gezien…jeetje…had t nooit zo erg verwacht…Toch maar wat minder naar de burger king, nu vaak 2/3x per maand. We gingen al niet meer naar de mcdonalds…Gelukkig eten m’n kids altijd maar 5 patatjes en n paar hapjes van de cheeseburger…maar, ik ga proberen t te beperken. Verder krijgen de kids ’s ochtends fruit mee naar school en ’s middags mogen ze 1(kinderzakje) koekje of snoepje. Verder 4 volkoren broodjes(en n mini-marsje o.i.d), en ’s avonds als ik de zin heb om te koken;)dan groente,aard/pasta/rijst,een half stukje vlees en n toetje. Chips krijgen ze van mij bijna nooit, 1x per maand. Zelf zou ik wat regelmatiger fruit moeten eten en wat meer moeten sporten…
    x mar10e.

  4. Anonymous

    ok, seems i missed some good ol’ tv… i give my son very healthy food! He’s intolerant for a gazzillion things, but luckily he wants fresh carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, you name it, he loves it. (And not from a jar).
    I. skip breakfast.
    forget about lunch sometimes.
    have some chocolat at 3 p.m.
    Still full from that i leave half my plate at dinner again.
    Sheesh, i wonder why i feel so tired all the time LOL

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