So busy that I’m behind with EVERYTHING

So what’s everything you may ask ? Well I’ll start today and work my way backwards ….

nr. 1 Totally forgot to take a pic of the card I sent to Mandy that is too late for her b’day today(shame on me …) ….

Congratulations sweetie, I hope you got spoiled today, you deserve it !!

nr. 2 Totally behind on posting about her b’day due to Colin’s last bday celebration today … Will share lot’s of pics this weekend.

nr 3. Behind on telling you what a fun day I had with my friends Flo, Corinne and Jo-Anne yesterday ….

nr. 4 Totally behind on sharing my sketch with you, that went online monday …… Here was my layout :

nr. 5 Behind on sharing this thought with you: I really should laugh more till mu jaw hurts. Discovered in bed whilst replaying the fun night out with my workcolleagues !….

nr. 6 Behind on sharing the great news my mom is home safe and sound from Canada and she spoiled us rotten, me especially bcause she shopped till she dropped for the following stuff i had on my list : Martha Stewart punches, life savers, chap stick, lanacin spray and loads of prezzies for the boys ! …

nr. 7 Behind on telling you I’ve developed an addiction to baking cupcakes ! Here are a few I’ve made and this coming friday I’m going to a workshop to learn some new techniques…. with marzipan and such.

Now you’re all up to speed !!!


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