Special Events

It’s my birthday

I’ve supported a friend in her goal to get 1.500 sponsor donations for a breastcancer charity fund “A Sisters Hope” walk (she not only has to raise this money but also walk 60km) which I think is so awesome !!!! I wanted to help so I baked about 90 cupcakes which sold really well at a bake sale. Feels good to donate some time and ingredients that quadrouple it’s value 😀

I started a new blog so I wouldn’t bore you with all my cupcakes on this blog (I’ve been making a lot lately), if you want to see them you can find them here, but wanted to share these, since they are my fave’s till now. Made them for a special date with my friends Co, Jo & Flo

photo courtesy of C. Delis

14 thoughts on “Special Events

  1. GEFELICITEERD!!!!!! En een fijne dag – op het sportveld :)En ik kan het niet vaak genoeg zeggen; zooooooooooo super enorm bedankt voor de prachtige en lekkere pink ribbon cupcakes!BIG HUG,monique


  2. happy birthday! I thought about you testerday at sistv and made you a card…hope to post it soon on my blog :)LOVVVVVVE your capecakes. I know what i want for my birthday but we need to discuss ‘kosjer’ again…hehehe.


  3. Happy belated Birthday, Daan! It has been waaaaaaaay tooooooo long since I visited your blog. So sorry!! I just found out about your cupcakes blog. HELP!!! What are you doing to me? 🙂 The pink ribbon cupcakes are great!!


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