I do good, you do good, we should all do more good

I like to do good, give money to a cause, walk the sponsor walks, give promotion to something I feel strongly about (hence my 90 pink ribbon cupcakes …) and if I had more time I would surely be a volunteer somewhere so that’s why, when I read about these 2 causes I just had to share it with my blog friends.

Unfortunately I cannot donate to the 1st one for obvious reasons which will become clear when you read it. But the other cause is so easy for everyone who wears crocs, you just have to do this ! I read about it after I had thrown Colin’s out and so I jumped in our trash bin to get them back out, I told you I can feel very strongly about good causes 😉

Healing Miles = This dutch foundation asks people to donate their frequent flyer miles for sick children & adults that need medical care abroad but cannot afford the costs of the tickets. They also take donations btw for the airport taxes etc. that need to be paid.
Now how cool is that because you don’t really miss your frequent flyer miles if you were to donate a few, it’s different to say giving them 100 euro’s or 100 miles … Great deal if you ask me, kinda wishing I traveled more !

Soles United =
the first-of-its-kind recycled footwear donation program. give back your worn-out crocs shoes to be recycled into new shoes and they will be donated to people in need around the world.
Now how easy is that, just send them your old crocs instead of chucking them in the bin and you’ve helped someone, all you need are stamps and an envelope …. I will be emailing them to find out if they have a european place to send them !

Makes me feel better even if I only share these links with you bcause I feel really crappy today after a busy weekend I think due to a bit of frustration/disappointment and a bit of a really bad cold.

3 thoughts on “I do good, you do good, we should all do more good

  1. Hee, jij ook al aan de snotter? Beterschap! Thanks voor de links…misschien stuur ik er mijn Crocs wel heen. Immers, de eerste en laatste keer dat ik ze aanhad kletterde ik zo hard neer dat de ambulance me in Bangkok naar het ziekenhuis heeft moeten brengen! hihihihi…*oeps*


  2. Hey Daan, small world ;), zag ook al dat je hyves had….me too :)…leuke weblog heb je…heerlijk al die taartjes, mijn meis houdt ook erg van taarten& cakes bakken , fotograferen ook een hobby van je….wat toevallig niet….van mij ook haha….fijne dag enne beterschap !!


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