Miracles do happen

And boy there was one last friday !

My mother had a car accident, only 10 minutes from our house, due to a black out (probably due to wrong medication) she had. We were lucky there was an icu nurse at the scene who helped my mother and called me so she wasn’t alone long. Bcause she had the black out she took a left turn without any notice and got hit by a car and stopped against a traffic sign. She was shipped off to the hospital, been checked, photographed and scanned and held overnight and now she’s back home (this is the short version) 😀

You will not believe it but besides being sore all over and a slight concussion she has nothing, NOTHING ! Now that is what I call a miracle ! (she can’t believe it either after seeing the pics I took, lucky thing I did as she cannot remember a thing and how do you explain all that …)

Me, I’m a wreck, been sleeping for 2 days, but over the worst shock ….

15 thoughts on “Miracles do happen

  1. Zooo dat is schrikken!”Gelukkig” zag ze de auto niet aankomen.. Vriendelief en ik raakte vorig jaar in de slip op een afrit van de snelweg (en draaiden een gezellig rondje in de auto en raakte verder niets! pfieeew) maar ik zette me blijkbaar helemaal schrap en had de volgende dag spierpijn! Kon gewoon niet meer bewegen van ellende!…Beterschap voor je moeder!


  2. luckely she has nothing, besides the minor things than, which is enough already! hope you feel better soon sweetie, see you thursday, let’s bake some cakes!hugsRev


  3. hi……hope mum is getting over the shock…..sometimes the stuff you can’t see is worse than an injury but she does sound like a lucky lady !! Take all your stress out on baking 🙂


  4. Pffff, wat een geluk voor haar dat jij er snel bij kon zijn, kan me voorstellen dat het voor je moeder allemaal erg verwarrend was en dat jij je rot geschrokken bent. Gelukkig is alles met een sisser afgelopen…


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