My Fabulous Finds

I started a new blog, I know I know as if I’m not busy enough already but let me explain …….

This past year I’ve been making mails with links to fun things I’d found on the net on a regular basis, I was mailing them to my crafty friends when this past week one of them said I should be sharing this on a blog or something (well Kirsty I decided to do just that !). Because I was afraid I would otherwise forget about the great things I shared with you all when I needed them as inspiration.

You can find all the links on my new blog Daan’s Faboulus Finds, put in the date order that I shared them with my friends and I hope they can inspire you too !

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10 thoughts on “My Fabulous Finds

  1. supergoed idee! Ik wordt helemaal gek van het doorzoeken van mijn email naar dat ene mailtje van jou met die leuke link..pff… die met die mooie stoffen vogeltjes bijvoorbeeld 🙂


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