wow 8 years sure flew by

Sweet Michael turned 8 today and he came out of bed with the biggest smile I’ve seen since ages in the morning.

He got to open 1 present in the morning a big box of Star Wars Lego and enjoyed the view of his Avatar & flower (for the teachers) cupcakes that he could take to school. DH and I both worked on them and they looked pretty darn cute (as you can see those need some editing but i wanted to share them anyway).

When he got home from school he received his gift from Colin and really loved it, some iron on bead patterns from Pokemon and a pokemon surprise bal that contained a pokemon he didn’t have (the boys really love playing with the little pokemon figures they have).

Then my parents & brother came and they gave him an even BIGGER box of Star Wars Lego and we went out for dinner as tradition calls for and this year Michael surprised us by requesting a pizza dinner so we all went out to the local italian and had a really good time.

Wish us luck tommorow, DH is going into surgery in the morning !

13 thoughts on “wow 8 years sure flew by

  1. Ohhh… véél te laat, maar alsnog gefeliciteerd met je zoontje! En zijn kadootjes daar zou mijn oudste ook wel oren naar hebben! Starwars lego en pokémon zijn beiden favoriet! En ik hoop dat het inmiddels goed gaat met je mannetje! Je cupcakes zien er ymmie uit! Ik wil het toch ook nog eens proberen, zeker dit jaar nog (dan heb ik nog eventjes!)!


  2. Dank je wel voor je reactie op mijn blog, heb jij het ook leuk gehad op scrap-a-licious? Vast wel 🙂 De vertaling was in ieder geval prima hihi!groetjes Vivian


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