It may have been quite here but I haven’t stopped baking. For my birthday I’ve received and bought quite a few cookbooks ( i received lots of book vouchers that I’d thought I should invest wisely 😉 …

I bought Bakerella’s cake pop book, Nigella Feasts, The Hummingbird bakery,Tara Ramsay’s Family Kitchen, Nigella Express, Yvonne Jaspers Spaghetti aan het plafond (cookbook with dutch celebrities and their family), The Pastry Queen by Rather Oresman and I was given Somja Kimpen kook je slank & fit (belgium health guru) and High tea Party by susannah blake.

Can you believe I still have lots on my wishlist ? LOL yep plenty !

What is your favorite cookbook and which one do you desperatly need to add to your collection ?

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  1. Anonymous

    I guess my favorite is Tessa Kiros' Falling Cloudberries… not because it's my most used cookbook, but because I love the way it looks :-). Most used is probably the 'Margriet Kookboek' which I bought when I was a student. And I would love to own one of Nigella Lawsons' books!

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