{ Being heard and seen }

I have been experiencing some symptoms but wasn’t sure what the source was and because of my job, I like to get to the bottom of things like that. Its not like I am suffering horribly but let’s just say without my oils & supplements life would be a whole lot less fun 💁‍♀️

My doctor claimed he couldn’t medically find anything causing my symptoms, I was well within the margins and I should go to a special clinic for unexplained symptoms…

But I know there are people out there that can look a bit further, who think those margins are not acceptable, I just had search high and low for the right person for the job👌

I found a naturopath that connected the dots for me today! I was heard, acknowledged, validated and I was so relieved someone saw it 🙃

Isn’t that what we all want in life no matter what your going through, just to be heard, acknowledged and validated 🤷‍♀️

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