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Disclaimer : to begin let me make it clear that I’m not against plastic surgery. If it will help you live a happier life go for it. Also not sharing this to offend, shame or upset anyone that has had plastic surgery. And a gentle reminder, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t ….

I’m sharing because when others shared their story so publicly it helped me connect the dots. A long list of my unexplained health issues can be linked to Breast Implant Illness (BII)

After visiting a naturopath he just knew how many of my unexplained symptoms were connected but not where it came from, however after discussing it with him and my doctor we all concurred there is only one thing causing them!
So this week I will consult with a surgeon about having my breast implants removed.

Now some may think this is crazy, there is no proof and that’s true however my body is in constant war mode yet there’s nothing to fight, I believe it is doing what it’s made for…. fighting foreign objects.
And I can tell the difference because this is the 2nd set of implants I have had….

You see by the time I was 18 my breasts had developed differently and I was given breast implants to make them look a bit more average. I had them for a long time, too long but they held up fine for 24 yrs. However a surgeon consulting on a ruptured implant (of someone close to me) said I had to remove them asap and to be honest I felt so rushed I didn’t consider my options nor get a second opinion and had them replaced. This was in Dec 2013, which feels like another lifetime ago, actually it was another lifestyle ago!

Now I know better, I want to do better and have them removed, permanently and hopefully some form of reconstruction. By no means an easy decision, after all I didn’t get them without reason…. it was never about bigger boobs it was always about more body confidence, feeling like a normal woman.

This is only part of the story, I will document my journey on social media, again not to shame or shock people, not to seek attention! But with the hope of helping anyone with breast implants that has unexplained health issues, to know they are not crazy and there is a chance to heal your body as I have seen others do.

Here is where my explant journey starts…

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