{ all about the minions }

Dude #2 turned 10 and he loves the Despicable Me movies so a theme for his party was soon found.
I made sweet Minion birthday cakes, angry minion cupcakes, decorated cookies with edible minion prints and of course the M&M’s and skittles were sorted in matching colors.

{another teenager in the making }

He can never wait until tomorrow as he always believes that what is coming then is the best ever.
I repeatedly tell him to cherish today and tomorrow comes by too quickly…

He’s turned 10 today, going to the final grade of our elementary schoolsystem after the summer. He’ll be really young when he goes to secondary school but doesn’t care. He loves to be around older kids and wants to be treated like a 12 yr old …

Sweet bubbly boy you want to be grown so fast and me, I want to enjoy the little boy in you for a bit longer than you do …

{ bake sale at school }

Whenever there is a fair at one of the dude’s schools I make cakepops for them to sell, reason I do this is because there are always plenty of ladies making cupcakes and there’s always an overload of those.

These are a few of my SOLDOUTIN5MINUTES cakepops that I donated


{ doh … a simpsons party }

When boys get to the teenager age, there comes a time when kiddie parties are no longer appreciated. Good thing I can still go all out on the big grown up party …. Dude #1 loves the Simpsons so that was his theme for his 12th birthday bash.

We served cakepops brownies, oreo’s, choc chip cookies, brownies, mini donuts, M&M’s, hamburger candy, red licorice.

As you can see the top cake (I alway smake 2 layers) was donutshaped and that posed for some decorating challenges with the marzipan. But I rocked the bottom layer though !

{ vintage tea party }

This year I hosted a vintage tea party for my birthday

I can’t believe I don’t have more pics to share of this lovely theme …. I made brownies, champagne glasses filled with fruit and cream, lemon and fudge bars, apple pie, egg muffins, red velvet cupcakes and little tartlets filled with white chocolate mousse and berries.