{ good advice }

I was at an event yesterday with 150 other colleague business members.
I love hearing others share their story because there’s always a lesson to learn.
But I pick that lesson, you see I do have one rule; I never take advice from someone that I wouldn’t trade places with!

{ connect more }

I’ve tried some things these past couple of years to connect more with my inner self, also an aspect of my personal development. Quite a challenge for me, I stored a lot of memories & emotions growing up to protect myself…

crave connection
There are different kinds therapies that are used for this and I’ve tried quite a few nei, journaling, soundingbowls, essential oils, meditation, AFT, Access bars consiousness, chunsoo, walk barefoot more in the grass and live more by my humandesign
Some may look or sound very WOOWOO 🤷‍♀️ but I have learned to that if I want to dig a little deeper and grow I have to keep an open mind.

Sounding bowls, walking in grass, essential oils for emotions and chunsoo are currently my faves from this list (sometimes combined). I like the way it helps me relax, release, refuel my inner QI and really feel all the emotions. What do you do to connect more with your inner child, voice, feelings?

{ dream home }

I’m dreaming of one day having an extra living room and kitchen in our home that will serve as a big office. Our business members and crossline friends could come over to work for a day, and we could host meetings and parties.

I just discovered the insta of Lilypad Cottage. Her modern farmhouse interior is like a dream. Until then I will work from our dining room table and saving all the ideas for our dream home.

lilipad 1lilipad 2
Do you pinterest your dream home?

{ surrender }

quote as we learn we grow

Although some things are harder to learn, it is never impossible.

Conscious language is a daily challenge but also letting go and trusting the process that the universe indeed has my back.
Not giving up though trying to give in, surrender and enjoy the ride. You see just because I mentor a team of 200+ business members does not mean I do not learn daily, weekly, yearly and grow myself… I truly believe it will help me to help others

peace card universe has your back

Source of card: gabby bernstein, the universe has your back

{ gratitude }

Buying a product 4,5 years ago that a friend recommended was an ordinary thing that turned out to be a blessing.
I got relief for stress which resulted in better days and nights. I started sharing and helping others, built a business and discovered this network marketing organisation was not like I had what heard it was like.
I am grateful for the lifestyle i have discovered, the things I have learned, the friends I have made and the people I have been able to serve. But most of all i am grateful for the fact I was able to retire my husband from his corporate 9-5 and that I get to work and live life on my terms.

gratitude william arthur ward

{ booktips }

cs lewis quote.png
I have so many books on my kindle (fiction) and on my bossbabe bookshelf but I just can’t pick. What is a recent your fave of yours?

To relax I like to read (historical) fantasy fiction focussing on witches, vampires etc.
Educational I like easy reading books like the go getter and the energy bus.

Hit me with your top 5 💁‍♀️

{ random facts }

danielle edinburg 2018

Did you know

~ bowling is my fave activity with friends and family. I secretly want to join a bowling club. Have my own team, shirt, shoes, ball and bag preferably in pink or turquoise. My family knows this and they will give in one day….

~ I love to buy out furniture second hand. It has character and if I’m over it i can resell it without feeling guilty.

~ my first ever concert was UB40 with my now bestie Angelique. Our friendship started after that we barely knew each other at the time but bonded instantly over music

~ I’m always late because I have no sense of time. Come to think of it same thing applies to space so the furniture reselling is a real thing at our house.

~ I don’t watch Dutch movies, rarely read Dutch novels or listen to Dutch music. I was really born here but mostly growing up abroad will do that.
💁‍♀️ Who’s next?