{ i love make-up }

I love wearing it, playing with it, I love the feeling it gives me when it’s on fleek.
But most of all I love safe makeup that is kind to my skin, to my organs and to animals.

Most women, men, young girls & boys have no idea that they put over 300 chemicals on their body before they head out the door in the morning. It’s my mission to teach as many as I can to read ingredients, do the research and make better choices.

Would you like to learn more about safe make-up?

savvy 1

{ scrapbooking sparks joy }

For me anyway! Once upon time ago, I owned an online scrapbookstore, had a design team and started the Dutch Dares I closed down the store after 5 years but we had fun with the dares until 2 years ago. We all needed a break, for different reasons, and then I did a thing this month …

Out of the blue I polled who missed it, the DT missed it and many participants did too. Many big fat YES’es so we announced a restart, started a FB group to replace our old blog, fb page and are having so much fun re-introducing ourselves with some old layouts.

I found these while looking for my 3 fave layouts…

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{ hello 2019 }

{ Prosper }
Everyone was sharing their word for 2019, I’ve been doing it for years but was struggling to find one this time around. My archive showed me some amazing words I chose in the past; Nourish, Thrive, Believe, Embrace, JOY, Flourish.

It took a while but it found me, a word that is so full of meaning in both my personal and my business life! My word is PROSPER 👊

What is your word that will inspire you in your life this year?


{ stick to your plan }

I was asked to share a biz tip this week with a group of business colleagues and this is what I shared. Oh and it shouldn’t matter if you work in network marketing or not this can be applied in any business venture 😉

My advice was; if you’ve tried something for your business and it’s not successful, don’t quit, try something different. Always stay true to yourself but try different things until you find the perfect fit!change the goal never the plan

If you run out of ideas, ask those who’ve gone before you, in your team, crosslined or join a group of businesswomen for inspiration.

Just plse don’t quit, you were made to share your talent!

{ evolve }

You can’t see plants growing – unless you speed up a film – but you know that they do. Each day, tiny changes take place. It’s the same with your life…

Sometimes life seems to move so slowly, your goals seem to be so far out of reach or the changes you set in motion seem unnoticed to yourself or others but don’t worry as every tiny change you have made will all add up.

ik juni 2018

{ travel tips }

Travelling can be stressfull, ok I admit not for everyone but if you’re a tad of a controlfreak you want to have everything packed even though you can probably buy anything you need at your (holiday) destination….

So I make lists, and now I have a masterlist that I only have to adapt depending on what activities we have at our destination. A lot of my young living workfriends don’t need lists, but those that do  want my master list…

Well I’m all about sharing but first, my 5 general travel tips  ….

1. Extention cord
Pack an extention cord for you hotelroom, there are never enough outlets in hotel rooms especially if you are travelling somewhere with different outlets than they have in your homecountry. This way you only need 1 converter and can recharge all the devices you brought along.

2. Ziploc bags & Sealing clips (from IKEA)
I always buy snacks and other things on the road that get old and spilled in my bag. So I pack a few of these to keep everything where it should be and fresh.

sealing clip ikea

3. Clothes pins
Not to hang any clothes in my hotel room but to keep the curtains shut. Don’t you just hate it when the curtains never entirely closes and you wake up too soon in the morning,  no just me? Well hence the clothes pins 😉 You’re welcome!


4. Bag
Pack an extra bag in your cabin trolley! Almost every time I am asked to check in my cabin trolley directly or at the gate because the flight is overbooked. First time I was caught off guard and had to carry my necessities in my hands until I bought some things at the tax free shop. Not anymore. I have my necessities in my extra bag and just whip it out when they want me to check it in. And if it’s not necessary I have a handy bag at my destination.



5. Thieves cleaner
It’s not just a great, chemical free natural cleaner that only costs € 23,90 and makes approx 32 spray bottles for € 0,80 cents a bottle (1 cap in 32 oz/1 liter). It’s also an amazing Ironing hack, great for any trip but also at home for people that don”t like to iron 😉
I bring a little bottle of thieves cleaner with me on my trips, yes a cleaner and not because I plan on cleaning my hotel room but because it helps with wrinkled clothes. Not all hotel rooms have an ironing board and this technique will help you keep you clothes nice and straight.

Here’s a video on how it works!

6. Fleece wrap
A must have for cold nights and long flights, I love mine from Optidee and don’t fly without that, my neck pillow and my fluffy socks.

optidee omslagdoek enkel

7. Diffuser
We have diffusers in every room of our home to set the mood and add some natural scent when needed. So when I travel I like to bring one along (not all accomodation or rental cars are as fresh as I would like them to be), obviously I need a cute small one so the Young Living orb is the best travelbuddy (great for at work or in the car as well as they charge with an usb outlet. I haven’t used it in the plane yet but this next trip I am going to test that.

orb plus uitlet

8. Essential Oils
Duh, if I use them at home obviously I need them on the road, flight and where I am staying. To make sure I am relaxed, my ears adjust to the different heights, I sleep sound, my tummy stays happy and for any aches, scrapes and immune support that I need.

travel poster

9. Supplements
I use supplements daily and will pack them all, sorted & counted per day, in 3 ziploc bags marked morning, aftenoon and evening. But the one I use extra on the road is Life 9, I am extremely sensitive to water abroad (I’ve had years of health problemd from unwanted guests I’ve brought back from holiday so trust me on this I need to keep my gut healthy and uninviting) and even though I don’t drink it and avoid ice cubes all fresh produce in restaurants is washed in it. So probiotics are a must during and after a trip abroad. I also pack Ningxia Red singles to keep up my energy and give my body all the antioxidants it needs on a daily basis.



10. Clothes vs activities
I make a list of the days we are abroad and the activities on that day and that’s how I pick my outfits. This is more for the business trips we make as on holiday it’s not so important what to wear I mean it’s all bikini’s and summer dresses with matching flipflops right 😉



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11. Beauty/Personal products
Bringing all of your beauty products will increase the weight of your suitcase so here are some easy ways to bring less and how to store it.

Portable silicone (preferably those that stick to the wall) for shampoo, conditioners and showergel. Don’t fill them up all the way or they will overflow 😉


or alternatively you can bring small foampump bottles. Just one table spoon of your showergel of facewash, add water and you have plenty to last you your trip.

small foampump

Put facecream in either lenscases or in stackeable containers


Don’t you just hate it when bathrooms don’t have enough storage space for all your toiletries, well we brought this on a cruise with us and it was so helpful as a place to store all of our toiletries!

ikea shoe organizer

12. Suitcase organizers
ok last one … But have you ever had your suitcase opened at customs returning from a trip? I have and believe me it is not a pretty site to have your dirty underware all over the suitcase. And flying out I like to be able to grab my bikini or any other item I need when I get to my room and not have to search my whole suitcase for it. So all underwear together, beachware together etc. you get the point right. suitcase organisers

Now I purposely did not add any “where to purchase links” because to be honest I buy a lot of these things on Ali Express and the sellers and the products they offer change constantly so just google them or search there with the description and I am sure you will find it!

Last but not least here’s my current master list,  “a living document” as I update it after every trip so one day it will be the ultimate packing list and I will never forget a thing I need.


  • Gymclothes
  • Bikini
  • Cocktail/Gala attire; high heels, pantyhose, spandex, clutch, strapless bra, jewelry, hairbun donut
  • underwear; socks, underpants, bra’s, pj’s….  don’t laugh I have forgotten any and all of these one time or another ….
  • shorts, pants, tops, vest, dress
  • shoes; flipflops, heels, sandals, toms (ultimate summer shoes)


  • Hair; brush, elastics, clips, hairbands
  • rings, necklace, earrings


  • Shaving cream, razor
  • make-up
  • nailpolish & remover
  • toothbrush & toothpaste
  • shampoo & conditioner
  • deodorant
  • facecream
  • facewash
  • sunscreen, insect repellent, after sun


  • extention cord
  • local adaptor (usa/uk)
  • laptop
  • extention cord laptop
  • mobile
  • extention cord mobile
  • carcharger
  • (vlog) camera or flip
  • extention cord/battery camera
  • powerbank
  • selfiestick


  • feminine products
  • umbrella
  • hair  styler (ghd is my holy grail)
  • optidee wrap, pillow and fluffy socks
  • earplugs, eyemask, 3 clothes pins
  • Essential oil case small and large
  • oyster cards (UK only)
  • Travel grocery bag foldable (I like those from IKEA)
  • ziploc baggies and clips
  • Supplements
  • Ningxia Red packets
  • Slique snack bars
  • Passport
  • Travel Wallet
  • Foreign currency (When we get back from a trip we store the foreign currency back in the bankenvelope it came in, write the country on it and every trip we just grab the envelope and add to it or just take that. Just remember to store the envelopes in the same place every time, we keep it with our passports)
  • Notebook or filofax planner & 2 fave pens
  • If you are a scrapbooker, bring some bits and bobs to journal on the go. I love doing that on holiday!Let me know if my lists, tips will help you with your travels, or when you get back let me know what you missed on my masterlist. Lets help each other and make prepping for a trip easier and get you to your desintation stress free, and if are still tense before or during don’t be I have an oil for that I give it to people on the plane all the time 😉
  • travel sewing kit
    stress away flyer girls

{ conscious language }

(scroll down for dutch translation}

Over the last 3 months I have manifested, viualised, used conscious language and asked the universe for abundance to reach a business goal. Doing this, having done it and continuing to do this is not an obvious thing for me to do.

oola words of encouragement

Remaining positive towards and for others is something I’m good at, as I mentor my biz team but my own little Negative Nelly voice often said different things to me. During my leadership training in Croatia I heard and learned more about conscious  language from Marcella vonn Harting it reminded me of video’s by Carol Yeh Garner about the power of the mind and I realized that I needed to obliterate that voice.

I mean seriously after 47 years it was time! Everything was going uphill for me, our family, finally, dreams were/are being realized but why was I still saying “yes but” and doubting great things were on the horizon. I was able to see greatness in others and convinced them that dreaming big and believing it was the first step to fulfilling them but had a hard time setting goals and believing in them without thinking “yeah but …” or “if this then that ….”

oola change yourself

So after Croatia I started applying the right words or replacing them when I slipped up and I was getting better at it! A friend and team member hosted an AFT (Aroma Freedom Technique) with our team member and I seized that opportunity to reinforce that change. I can now sincerely say nothing is impossible if you deeply believe in it without a doubt or nagging Nelly in your head.

oola focus on the positives

Last week together with our team we raised the bar,  and through doing this we taught them that when we work hard together towards a mutual goal, believe, manifest, visualise and use conscious language the impossible can happen for them too.

So how about you? Do you have a nagging Negative Nelly within you? I encourage you to learn more about it, implement it and watch your life transform, you deserve it!

your mind is a powerfull thing


De afgelopen 3 maanden hebben ik gemanifesteerd, gevisualiseerd, het universum  gevraagd en conscious language gebruikt om een zakelijk doel te bereiken. Dat we dit doen, hebben gedaan en zullen blijven doen is niet iets dat voor ons vanzelfsprekend is.

Want altijd positief blijven tegen anderen, Ja dat kon ik wel goed maar dat stemmetje van binnen zei vaak wat anders. Maar in Kroatië hoorde en leerde ik meer over conscious language van Marcella von Harting en ik was herinnerd aan een filmpje uit de Twelve days of diamond fb groep van Carol yeh Garner en ben ik me gaan verdiepen en kreeg ik heel sterk het gevoel dat dat stemmetje weggevaagd moest worden.

Het moest nu maar eens maar zijn na 47 jaar! Alles ging beter, eindelijk, dromen werden/worden verwezenlijkt maar waarom bleef ik zo twijfelen diep van binnen, waarom kon ik anderen zo goed overtuigen om groots te dromen erin te geloven maar had ik er zelf zo’n moeite om na het stellen van doelen er zo in te geloven zonder te denken ja maar … of als dit dan als dat …

Maar ik ging het proberen na Croatië en het ging steeds beter! Een vriendin en team member gaf een AFT (Aroma freedom technique) en ik greep die mogelijkheid aan om die verandering te versterken en kan ik nu oprecht zeggen niets is onmogelijk als je er maar in gelooft ook diep van binnen zonder twijfel of zeurend stemmetje.

Samen met ons team hebben we vorige week hebben de lat hoger gelegd en daardoor leerden we ons team dat door hard samen aan een doel te werken, erin te geloven, manifesteren, visualiseren en bewust taalgebruik dat het onmogelijke mogelijk gemaakt kan worden ook voor hen.

Hoe zit het met jou? Zit er een zeurend negatief stemmetje in je wanneer je groots hebt gedroomd of een doel hebt gesteld voor jezelf? Ik wil je aanmoedigen, om meer te leren over bewuste taal, het te implementeren en zien hoe je leven verandert. Je verdient het!