Do it scared

A big portion of my job entails public speaking; whether it be in front of a small or bigger group educating about oils, how I got into this business or how we use young living products . Depending on what I talk about, to whom and the size of the group it can be easy or a bit nerve wrecking. But I don’t let that throw me off, even the greatest speakers need to prep, calm their nerves and to be the best they can be.

This month Young Living it’s biggest event in the Netherlands to date and I was asked to share my story which of course I love doing always that hoping that our story will inspire someone to not give up no matter what.

But … that doesn’t make it easier to speak in front of 400 people or so. I prepared what i wanted to say and wrote it all out, rehearsed, oiled up and still was afraid I would forget something vital I wanted to share.

Right before it was my turn, a few of my friends spoke before me, my nerves almost got the best of me. I literally thought, after standing on stage for 30 minutes waiting until it was my turn, that I was going to faint, until I got a hold of the microphone … and my blood rushed back and it was game on for me!

Turned out that that was enough to calm my nerves and do my thing, strange how my body relaxed at that moment. Which was strange since it was quite the audience, my friends, my family (husband & mom), my team, other team members, my colleagues and Gary and Mary Young, founders of Young Living. I was so lucky to have many of my tribe there supporting me and being my cheerleaders as always.

People listened, laughed, clapped and appreciated my talk and my cheat sheet remained safely in my pocket (you can see it on the photo below) so I could not be distracted and even though I forgot some things it was ok, my presentation was imperfectly perfect.


Again, as so many things in my life, this has shown me that even though something may be scary but it usually ends up being something great and if you can do something even though it scares you you can do anything.  My mantra:

do it scared

And until next time I will focus on methods to calm myself before I speak, finetune my presentation skills because I will do this again, scared or not, I will!


Een groot deel van mijn werk is spreken in het openbaar, dit kan voor een grote groep mensen zijn of kleinere groepen. Vaak ben ik aan het uitleggen hoe je etherische oliën kunt toepassen, waarom ik ben gestart als zakelijk distributeur of welke producten wij in ons gezin gebruiken. Afhankelijk van waar ik over vertel, aan wie en hoe groot de groep is kan dit soms wat van mijn zenuwen uit balans brengen. Maar ik laat me daardoor niet weerhouden, zelfs de grootste sprekers bereiden zich voor, moeten hun zenuwen de onder controle krijgen om een goede presentatie te houden.

Deze maand organiseerde Young Living hun grootste event, tot op heden, in Nederland en ik was gevraagd om ons verhaal te delen. Dit vind ik altijd leuk om te doen, ik hoop altijd dat ons verhaal iemand inspireert om niet op te geven en door te blijven gaan om hun dromen te realiseren.

Maar … dat neemt niet weg dat het best wat is om voor ongeveer 400 mensen te moeten staan. Ik had een korte presentatie voorbereid, alles wat ik wilde vertellen had ik uitgeschreven, geoefend, ingeolied  maar ik was best onzeker of ik het wel allemaal zou onthouden en niet iets belangrijks dat ik echt wilde delen zou vergeten.

Net voordat ik aan de beurt was, een aantal van mijn vriendinnen waren voor mij aan de beurt, werden de zenuwen echt wel een dingetje. Geloof me als je 30 minuten staat te wachten op een podium tot je aan de beurt bent gaat je lichaam echt tegen je werken en ik dacht letterlijk dat ik flauw ging vallen! Tot ik de microfoon in mijn handen kreeg … en het bloed weer terugkeerde en kon ik mijn ding kon doen!

{ filmpje }

Het bleek dat dat voldoende was om mijn zenuwen de baas te blijven en was ik weer mezelf, mooi hoe mijn lichaam zich letterlijk ontspande. En dat is best bijzonder want het was een behoorlijk publiek, mijn vrienden, mijn familie (man en moeder), mijn team, andere team members, mijn collega’s en Gary and Mary Young, de grondleggers & eigenaren van Young Living. Ik voelde me bevoorrecht om zoveel van mijn tribe daar te hebben om me te steunen en mijn cheerleaders te zijn zoals altijd.

Er werd geluisterd, gelachen, geklapt en ik voelde dat mijn verhaal werd gewaardeerd en gehoord en mijn spiekbriefje bleef in mijn broekzak (die zie je zelfs op de foto) zodat ik niet afgeleid kon worden en ook al vergat ik hier en daar iets het was ok, mijn presentatie was niet perfect maar perfect genoeg.

En wederom, zoals zoveel dingen in mijn leven, ook al is iets eng kan het zo’n geweldige ervaring zijn en als je je angsten kan overwinnen en het toch doen kun je alles. Mijn mantra

{ foto met quote }

En tot de volgende keer dat ik weer gevraagd word om te spreken zal ik mijn focussen op mijn presentatie skills, technieken leren zodat ik mijzelf kan kalmeren voor ik ga spreken. Want ik ga dit zeker weer doen, bang of niet, ik ga ervoor!

43 no way

Yes way, but still as sexy as ever ….

Happy birthday babe !

He doesn’t want to have a party 😦 but we are going out for a celebratory birthday dinner (as per our tradition the birthday boy get’s to pick a restaurant) and he didn’t want a gift yet, he has his heart set on an original Red Sox jersey so we will buy that when we are in the States.
To make him feel special today, pleas give him some on his blog or on facebook. Thx !

GM rocks {even over 40 ! }

It’s a good thing Mandy is on vacation or she’d think it’s about another singer that has the initials GM (LOL) but I’m talking about George Michael of course.

Totally unexpected I was able to purchase some last minute tickets thanks to an early birthday pressie from my parents (thanks sooo much you guys you rock !) and it was the most fun I’d had at a concert in a long time (thanks for coming with me Edith and Wendy & Jos for having the patience sms’ing and waving so we could find you there LOL) .

Don’t get me wrong I loved all the concerts I’ve seen this year so far, but this was such a party probably bcause of all the great songs that bring back so many memories 😉 He had a great stage with super light effects and designs (hmm the scrapbooker in me loved that !) and he had sort of a catwalk thing going on so when he came to the front of the stage he was about 7 mtrs away, the funny thing was it looks so close but when we made a pic it looked so far ….
Not too happy about his last cd though, bit too disco ? but his fab voice makes up for that. And btw I just love how he dances, yes I cannot help it I have a bit of a crush on a gay guy …..

Tommorow I’ll share some scrapping I’ve been doing, mainly cards (my little brother turned 19 this week) for some special people and a little project for Michael’s school (that I HAVE to do tonight as it’s teachers day tommorow where they celebrate all the b’days in one day).

Oh and we moved the dutch dares up a week due to some other things going on but wanted to keep you busy in the meantime so check this out !

I cheated a bit ….

With the fab new dutch dare given to us by the fabulous Monique Verbeek ! The dare was “How do you bring the summer in your house ?” and we were supposed to use 3 photo’s and technically I did with some photoshopping ….. (sorry Monique) But hey I think it’s ok sometimes to be a little obstinate every now and then haha especially if it results in a cool LO !

Here’s a sneak peak ;

Check out the rest here on the dutch dares blog !

mistakes & delays

I can be quite a critical person workwise (house, job and shop) about myself and others, I set high standards (I guess it has a bit to do with my sign Virgo…) and lately I’ve been having a hard time living up to them and still wanting to has been a difficult thing. Because when I’m critisized I really find that hard, but it’s something I do to others tooo much. Something I am working on, being a bit less c, bit more mellow more and of course to admit when you’ve made a mistake as even the most critical person can do this too …. Gotta remember though to be less impulsive when admiting this, there’s a time and place for everything. Learning every day 😉

To everyone who left a message for a RAK plse provide me with your/their addresses as I want to start purging this weekend …. that’s going to be a tough job but hey it’s got to be done.