Toxic-Free Lifestyle

I was blown away when I was asked by Young Living to give a presentation at Beauty School in Vienna but also honored and freaked out at the same time. Don’t get me wrong I love sharing, teaching about what I know but in front of a group of people that do exactly the same thing as you always puts the pressure on to wow them.

My presentation was about a toxic-free lifestyle and I had 45 min. to cover it all. Our story, my story and how we made the transition and why I haven’t made the complete clean swap up until now.

toxic free lifestyleI taught it is not important to read labels, it’s more important to read the ingredient list. Most of the labels used do not even carry weight and are fabricated to make consumers believe they are taking the healthier road. even carry weight and are fabricated to make consumers believe they are taking the healthier road, it’s called greenwashing. I know, I was fooled for a long time, and the change came long before I discovered Young Living, however it was a very logical addition to our home.

When our first child was born in 2001 I tried (what I thought) were more natural alternatives to support us but my real journey started  in 2006.
Due to health issues I had to change my eating habits and with the insights I was given I found a new way of cooking. Packets and ready made sauces were chucked and we stocked up on fresh herbs,  spices and recipes from scratch. My health improved and our eating habits improved and became second nature.
But it wasn’t until 2014 that we kicked it up a notch, I discovered Young Living Essential Oils and like I said I thought we were trying natural alternatives but boy was I wrong! Over the past few years we have replaced a multitude of toxic personal care products for ourselves, our pets and our home with Young Living products, either ready to use or diy’ing to make them.

I urge you to check the beauty and personal care products in your home with this list, scary no?
de dirty 30 nl
I am currently in my last clean swap fase, one I find the hardest to do but also the most fun and expensive,  my make-up bag is going organic

The think dirty app is helping me and I love following beauty bloggers that have gone before me. Organic Bunny (USA) and Organic Beauty Babe (Europe) are a great reference and I am following numerous on Instagram to learn more.  I am currently testing Lily Lolo and Creative Cosmetics and my next test order will be for at least lipstick from 100 Percent Pure and nailpolish from Acquarella.   If you can recommend any brands that are easily obtainable in Europe please let me know.