Saturday evening we celebrated Ed’s birthday (yeah my gorgeous guy turned 38 !), lowe key with some friends it was fun !

This sunday morning we went swimming again (gotta keep practising with Michael for his swimming lessons) and Colin at 2,5 does not have the same swimming experience that Michael has (guess that’s what happens with the 2nd kid & sleepless nights …) but we’ve been going more regularly and the boys are really getting more confidence, Colin was floating & kicking around by himself and Michael was diving in trying to get his head under water … I was so impressed. The rest of the day we were playing outside (or rather the boys were) as I fell asleep on my beachbed in the sun. No scrapbooking today as I’m busy preparing things for the site and my big spring sale. Easterbunny hadn’t been to our house yest so Michael commented he might come tuesday and then the question : Mom, where does the easterbunny live ? Wow I don’t know I’ll have to look it up for you (honestly I had no idea what to say !) and then he giggled : Maybe in Easterland ….. A smile to end the day, gotta love that !

Mondaymorning we expected the kids to run down and look for eggs inside or outside the house but nope …..So we prepared for our brunch, which ended up to be a lunch with my parents end my aunt Marijke, and finally as we were eating Michael yells out ” I see an easter egg in the garden” (he always sits facing the garden at the dining table) and I thought “finally”, all of a suddenhis cheeks were red of excitment and it was hard trying to continue with the lunch but they tried and right after they went on their hunt. Before they went out we told them the easterbunny had sent us an email (don’t know if that is in code with easterbunny fairy tailes…) and told us that there were 6 eggs for each and that after finding all of them we would share equally. That didn’t stick though as you can see from the photo’s……

Still after we explained the email again Michael calmed down. The rest of the afternoon the weather was super sunny so the guys had loads of fun playing & drawing with chalk outside (and Ed with installing his MCE). So the day ended with 2 little tired but happy guys and the big guy is still playing ;-).

Hope you enjoyed yours !

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