My mess

So what’s the deal, why is my bedroom always a warzone ? I’d love a nice tranquill and clean space and once a week (when my lovely cleaning help Monika comes round) it is but it never stays that way…

Maybe it’s because the clothes are usually folded there, the ironed clothes are distributed there, the kids are read to there before bedtime, we play there before bedtime or just because I never clean up the pile of clothes of the day before ? It’s a mystery but you know what, all mess aside it’s the place to have our quiet time with the kids …… all the stories are read & heard here, more cuddles & kisses are given here than on the rest of the day (we start & end the day with them), new & old songs are sung & the last giggles of the day take place there ……. So messy or not it’s the best place in the house.


  1. Emine Pazan

    Hi Danielle

    You are so right about that… My bedroom is a mess too, but I love it… It feels nice and warm.. The Place where I read books to my baby like you do…
    Even it looks awful LOL


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