A fairytale without a happy ending ?

There was once a LO without a titel, it was at least 4 months old. The maker could not come up with one because she was afraid it wouldn’t do the LO justice. And so she made up a contest with a goodie bag prize, surely that would result in the perfect titel ? But allas, the lo has been waiting for 2 weeks and the perfect titel still hasn’t been found….. Many a suggestion has been made but not that oh so perfect one … Where o where is that special title and why has it not been posted or emailed to me ?

ps. this is Colin, 1,5 and this is his first visit to the beach in Noordwijk, and he is very curiously scrunching the sand in his hands …..


  1. bookit

    what about…
    ‘A day of firsts’
    ‘Beach Dude’
    ‘Man Handling the Sand’
    ‘Me & My Blue Bandana’
    ‘Hot Head’
    ‘A Life by the Ocean Waves’
    ‘Curious Colin’
    “Colin’s Coastal Capers’
    ‘The sun on my back and sand in my hand’

  2. bookit

    of what about this quote….from william blake…

    Know what it is to be a child…
    To see a world in a grain of sand
    And a heaven in a wild flower,
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    And eternity in an hour.

    you could just use the first two lines

  3. Emine Pazan

    I totally made this up but Here it is:

    A beach isn’t a beach without the sand…
    I’m not ME without you…

    Haha, Kind of FUNNY HUH???
    I just wanted to guess something…


  4. Janna

    tee hee… very cute layout… love the bandana… dd wears one all the time, and i’m doing one with her from our trip to hawaii that’s a closeup of her blue bandana and very blue eyes… called ‘my blue heaven’

    good luck!! i’d love to know what you end up going with!!

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