Finally some time to scrap & other stuff

Finally I had some time to scrap last week and over the weekend, finished one project that’s been in the breeding chamber for a while and another (will show this tomorrow since it’s more appropriate then) that I scraplifted. Journaling to follow, still need to put it to paper (it’s all in the head baby !) A photo made on the morning of our wedding day when Michael was a bit overwhealmed with the business in our home. He just wanted a cuddle and was told to stay away from us as we were dressing (I wish we had known as we didn’t think it was a problem), luckily Ed was ready quite fast so he went down and comforted Michael.

I had such a great weekend, my M&M’s went to grandma & grandpa on Friday so I had plenty of time to prepare for Saturday, the shopping day was quite busy until about 13.00 and after that we had a fun afternoon with the design team, in the evening we checked out an Italian restaurant here in Hoofddorp and the food was delicious and after we went to see “Inside Man”, not as good as “V for Vendetta” but a good movie nonetheless (I just didn’t like the character DW was playing). On Sunday we slept in cleaned up the last mess from Saturday and I made the scraplift for mommy and we had a bbq to celebrate my mothers b’day (which is tomorrow). She was happy with the gifts (BH sketches 1 & 2, SR design Paper & matching cardstock and a Barbara Streisand DVD) and we enjoyed her new swinging couch (hmmm or did the boys like it more ????) I would really like one or a big hammock when the playtower in the backyard disappears in a few years !

Tonight’s the Craig David concert with Martine & Bionda, that ‘ll be fun and I’m contemplating running the Dam to Dam run in September with my friend Wendy. I’ve done it before but 16 km is not really my thing. I’m more a 5 – 10 km kinda gal. Oh and Corinne, I finally made some photo’s of me, but you know what, I don’t like myself so up close, my head looks too big hahaha

I’ve also made some tough decisions, difficult letter to my father and for the business which I will be sending out this week ….. Makes my shoulders lighter !

Thanks everyone for their competition suggestions, keep em coming !!!!


  1. bookit

    wow, the run sounds adverturous…but maybe it will give you a focus for your running! not sure i could go THAT far before september!
    good luck if you choose to do it!
    as for the photos of yourself, i’ll let you into a little secret! photoshop is a girls best friend 😉 no more wrinkles, blemishes etc…you just PS them away 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Mooie LO, schitterende foto 🙂
    Jeetje wat goed zeg zo’n marathon achtige loop. Petje af hoor. Ik wandel wel zulke afstanden maar hardlopen is niet voor mij weggelegd 🙂 Succes ermee in ieder geval

    gr Alette

  3. Francine

    wat een prachtige LO Danielle!

    Over CZ (zag je vraag op mijn blog): een paar maanden bgeleden stond er op haar site een oproep opm een review te schrijven over haar eerste boek. Dat heb ik gedaan, en binnen twee minuten mailde ze me terug, met de vraag of ze een quote daaruit mocht gebruiken voor the Sequel. TUUUUUUUURLIJK ! 😀

    Sindsdien mailen we zo nu en dan heen en weer, en ze beloofde me een copy te sturen van de eerste druk zodra ze er een in handen kreeg. Vandaar :D. Cool he! (ben nog steeds helemaal blij, hehehe)

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