Some new work

My hands were itching to make something after being ill all week, but I didn’t want to tackle too big of a project. I had already picked out the paper and photo just needed to “create” so I did this in one evening (unique for me as most of you know).

A photo of my mother, the man who raised my mother (I was named after him), no journaling this time, the lo speaks for itself. I loved using the buttons (finally) and the velvet ribbon.

Finished the time time time lo. It was for a challenge to make a lo about a typical day in your life as a careerwoman, mother, partner, friend etc. the color an use of materials was free. You’ve seen a sneak preview, I finished the journaling and added the last photo so this is it. I tried to give a sense of how I feel my life is ruled by the clock at this point in my life ….

Journaling ” Time Time Time see what is (I know it should be has but is worked better…) become of me”

My first encounter with an alarm is at 6.30, I don’t have to get up rightaway, so usually I try to wake up slowly and get ready fast …. Sometimes Iwish I had alarms as reminders going off all day long so I’m sure to arrive everywhere on time but to be realistic I’m sure this would drive me even more crazy. I have to face it, at this time in my life my days are ruled byclocks & watches …

My Second alarm goes off at 8.05 which means we have to go out the door.Before this alarm was set into place we kept arriving at school too late for Michael to pick the activity of his choice and this alarm helps us withthis.

Getting Michael to school on time without stressing too much always gives me a good feeling. I then have plenty of time to wait with him until the door opens and to say our goodbyes Before I have to leave and be in the car by 8.30 am. Again plenty of time to drive to work and put my make-up on on the way. I usually arrive at work by 9.00 am id all the elements work with me that is.

Lunchtime @ 12.00, no alarm that goes off but co-workers coming round topick me up for a lunchbreak. A nice relaxing moment I enjoy in my daily routine, a break from looking at my watch …

My race goes on at 14.50 I have to turn off my pc, my desk has to be cleared so I can be in the car by 14.55. Fingers crossed that I do not have any slowcars in front of me, no bad weather that makes everyone go slower, no tractors or busses and I will arrive at Michael’s school on time before the door opens which is at 15.15. I hate arriving late at the school to find a sadlittle boy in search of his mommy, because it’s more fun when he comes out the door and smile as he sees you. Makes my day !

At home things go at a slower pace and the only race to be held here is to get dinner on the table at least at 17.30, if that race is not won Michaeland Colin won’t be in bed on time and depending on workshops, crops or other plans I will have to race once again to get ready on time …

Our bedtime ritual begins @ 18.30, spending some quality time with the boyswhile they bathe and we get them ready for bed. We always read them a story and sing songs and alternate turns in who takes whom to bed and then al is quiet…Depending on the plans for the evening, relaxation starts at 20.30 ….

Relaxation can mean scrapping (most important way to unwind), spending time with Ed or a friend, watching a favourite tv show or movie or reading a magazine/book (about scrapbooking of course).

My bedtime should be @ 22.30 but unfortunately there’s not enough time in aday so I usually go to bed later than this which doesn’t help the next morning when the alarm goes off @ 6.30 …. Materials : Scenic Route dp, cardstock action, inkt en heel veel verschillende stickers, rubons ed.


  1. Anonymous

    Ik kom bij jouw log via Francines log en sinds ik ook ‘aan de knutsel’ ben met lay outs, ben ik ook even bij jou gaan gluren.

    Ik vind je timetime layout echt mooi! Al ben ik niet jaloers op al je deadlines op een dag. Wel heel mooi en creatief uitgevoerd! Ik kom snel nog eens terug om te lezen.

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