too many things in one day

You know how looking back on a day you think, this was just too much goings on for one day ? Well that’s what I had yesterday.

I went to 2 wholesalers to pick up the last ribbons, gel medium and some fab new pens & crayons for Corinne’s workshops (we have only a few seats left for the workshops so if you haven’t registered yet you still can !)

After that off to see Corinne to make preperations for the workshop, I brought Colin along and he and Jadenn had a blast playing inside and outside !

Then back to Hoofddorp to pick up Michael who was playing with a friend, but I arrived too early (DH was so sweet to change the time on my mobile but forgot to tell me so I kept adding an hour all day due to summertime changes, can’t be upset as it was so sweet of him to do this for me). Since I had an hour left I stayed for some tea and the boys played until …..

Colin fell of the swing and was hurt …. The boys said he fell on his back so the father of the house carried him in and gave him to me and that’s when I discovered an enormous bump on his head. So ice pack and some TLC was in order, but after a while even candy could not cheer him up and he fell asleep …. Now appearantly this is normal due to the adrenaline levels but he had a hard time when I tried waking him up so we headed for the emergency post at the hospital and he fell asleep again in the car …. In the waiting area he was still very drowzy for about 30 minutes and then they did the first assesment and he “woke up”. We had to wait again and he was so lively we were wondering what we were doing there but it’s beter to have a bump like that looked at.
Eventually he had some tests and then the pediatrician looked him over and said he was too lively to keep in the hospital but because of the size of the bump (2 cm diameter) we had to wake him up about every hour during the night. I was thankfull they hadn’t seen him 30 min. earlier or they would have kept him there.

After all this I hadn’t done my shopping so we did it anyway and got home fairly late, actually same time as dh who had the evening shift at work so we were able to eat together, needless to say the boys didn’t go to bed @ their usual time.

Got lot’s of orders ready for shipment done (with the 1st and new for the dt product challenge kit for april) and went to bed early as it was going to be a rough night which I survived but I’m a bit of a zombie today.

So as I said some days there is just too much going on in one day …..


  1. Fleur

    O wouw dat is wel erg veel op één dag (en nacht!). Wat heerlijk dat hij niet in het ziekenhuis hoefde te blijven. Is hij vandaag wel gewoon naar school enzo?Sterkte igg vandaag en lots of coffee!

  2. Eminepala

    Ow thank god that there is Nothing going on with colin… My mother Always says that when someone bump his/her head that we never should leave him to sleep… Now I know she was right… have a great (relaxed) day LOLEmine

  3. Mirjam

    Hope Colin is ok now? It does sound like an awful lot for one day! Hope the rest of the week will be more relaxed for you. I will have a very relaxed day waiting in front of my mailbox with some coffee today LOL

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