The dudes and I went to Amsterdam last week and played tourists. Actually we decided to join my mother who was entertaining Gaye & Robert who were visiting from Canada.

We took the train to Amsterdam (as you can see the dudes loved this as this is not our normal transportation). We then took a boat tour through the canals (again not something we can usually do as DH gets seasick even on the canals ….) . Gaye always takes a tour with a horse & carriage if there is one where they are visiting (because of her background in having horses with carriages back home when she was young) through the centre and that was fab (although she said it doesn’t compare to one in Central Park 😉 and I believe her (don’t have pics of this yet) ! Then while they did a tour of a certain district to pick up some prank gifts for friends so the M&M’s and I had lunch at a fastfood chain of their choice and then we visited the fair on the Dam Square where they “caught” ducks and won a prize (and wanted to do all the games available …..) and went on the giant ferris wheel (obviously not with me as you know how I am with heights …) with Gaye as she was the only one not afraid of heights and the guys REALLY wanted to go. When we got home we had arranged a babysit for the M&M’s and went out to dinner with my parents, Gaye & Robbert & Ed joined us right after his late shift.

It was a nice day, it was great to meet Robert & Gaye and look at Amsterdam with fresh eyes !


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