My Favorites part I

I’m a cream freak you all know …. I should probably scrap this soon 😉

But I’d love to share my favourites with you since Revlie was so happy with one that I gave to her as a mommy gift when we visited last (which was #2).

1. I’ve had this tube an eternity b’cause it does last a long time, except the tube is looking really nasty (EA should really work on that material 🙁 …) and you probably have heard of this wondercream (used by make up artists as lip gloss) it works like magic on everything: Elizabeth Ardens 8 Hour Cream

Description: This skincare classic helps to soothe, restore, soften and protect chapped, dry or mildly irritated skin. It aids in the temporary relief of chapped lips, smoothes rough spots on your knees, feet and elbows and softens tough, hard cuticles and hangnails. Dermatologist, clinically and allergy tested. For all skin types.

2. Second favorite, I use it on my hands and feet, nice cocoa smell before I go to sleep LOL… Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Cream

Description: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Cream with Vitamin E, Softens & Relieves Rough, Dry Skin. Helps smooth and blend unattractive marks and scars. Tones skin. It is an excellent all-over-the-body moisturiser and after tanning butter. Recommended for stretch marks, during and after pregnancy.

3. A new favorite, using it for my dry feet instead of palmers and is working even better !! I might have to bump this one up a spot except the price is keeping me from that haha maybe I’ll make this a summer favorite as my feet are much dryer in the summer than in the winter….. : Boots Mediterranean Olive, Sage, Almond Wonderbalm

Description: Capture the essence of the Mediterranean using this blend of ORGANIC and wholesome ingredients to produce a simple, healthy beauty recipe for dry and rough areas of the skin. Softening Olive oil, Nourishing and soothing Almond oil, Fragrant and calming Sage oil.

4. And last but not least, something in my first aid kit (a tupperware box filled with all kinds of creams and band aids) and in my purse : Melagel from Melaleuca

Description : Moisturize bug bites and scrapes with the soothing power of MelaGel. The natural beeswax in MelaGel creates a breathable “bandage” that moisturizes skin where you need it most. Plus, when you put Melaleuca Oil on first, the staying power of MelaGel keeps the natural healing oil in contact with your skin. We also added wheat germ oil, an antioxidant with vitamin E that helps attract water to your skin and keep it hydrated. Finally, MelaGel’s cocoa butter lubricates your skin and works to keep skin moisturized with the added vitamins A and D3. A must for every first aid kit or medicine cabinet, MelaGel comes in a convenient tube and pocketsize disk.

5 ???. And the next on my list to purchase is this, I’ve wanted to try it ever since I saw it on Oprah (which was a while ago) and I couldn’t find it in the Netherlands or someone who could buy it for me in the states. But I’ve found the supplier in the Netherlands and I will be ordering it this week so I’ll let you know how I like it soon ! One Minute Manicure

Description: exfoliates, reconditions and moisturizes the skin with a premium blend of botanically-based oils and triple-milled Dead Sea Mineral Salts.

Now you don’t have to be a cream freak but I’m sure you have your own little wondercream (I know oriflame has a good one too …) or other favorites please share them so I can be addicted even more 😉


  1. Charlotte

    I am totally addicted to rosebud salve! Every night before I go to bed, I put it on my lips. And since I did that for the first time, I never (and I really mean NEVER!) had dry lips again! Love that stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    You Crazy Cream Woman! (That’s what i’ll call you from now on LOL). Such cute pics from the boys in the previous post (ok Justin is kinda cute too 😉 Love the gift you made for Revlie! & of course the beautiful take on the Dutch Dare, was he happy with it?

  3. Anonymous

    On my last flight home I bought the 8 hour cream from EA, absolutely great stuff!!!! 🙂 The lipbalm that came with it is also super! XOX eef

  4. Brigitta

    I’m totally into Oriflames Tender Care (or wonderpotje) they’re everywhere in the house and my handbag, when my lips are very sore I use Labello SOS lipbalm (works really well) and I’m testing some new products at the moment for Samenwerkende Apothekers. The line is called Pure Care and their bodylotion is superb on my very dry skin. I’m still looking for the perfect handcream though, anybody got any good ideas???

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