I deserve more

Over the last 4 years I have changed the way I eat, avoiding processed sugar and no more ready to go mixes and sauces but making it from scratch. The sugar was really hard especially shopping for groceries as there is sugar in everything nowadays, reducing grains and fast carbs to a minimum and making food from scratch were not so hard. It just takes a bit more planning and prepping. I lost some weight in the process and that was a nice bonus

But a change of job, the unemployment of my husband a year later, sickness of loved ones, an unhappy work situation turned me into an unhappy person. Thus there was less moving, I became less strict in my intake of all the things my body does not like, I wasn’t eating enough and certainly not drinking enough.

So here I was 3 years later; very unfit, badly in need of less stress in my life and heavier (not much but 1 size up means my wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore), very very tired all the time and this really made me sad on top of everything else that was going on.

At the beginning of the year I realized I needed a change I wanted more from life !

More time at home taking care of my family (my husband holding down the fort like a trooper but I wanted to do it I’m a bit of a control freak),  get fit (you know ready for the summer) and be more consequent with my clean eating lifestyle ( cheat less, eat more and definately drink more), have more time for my family, friends and hobbies.

A change was needed, so the first step was to quit my job, scary !! as my husband was still unemployed but the unhappy was starting to affect my health. I was leaving my job in spring to find a part time less demanding job to start living again, not just surviving.

Then things started falling into place, my business was growing and my husband found a job and I was all like heck I could work from home, that would really get me healthier in both my body and my soul and with my husbands support I went for it.

I stopped looking for a job, am now 100% focused on my business so I have reasonably normal working hours. I got myself moving more as of April with a personal trainer and joined in a challenge to change your morning ritual (I dance when i get out of bed, awesome way to start the day happy trust me on this) and released a lot of my stress.

Now that May has arrived and I’m focusing on the other things I wanted more of !

Eating better & more (keeping a food diary and sticking to our family week menu no matter what), drinking more (up to 2 liters at least and working getting in a bit more than that).

Joining in the weight loss challenge group we started up with my young living girls ( I must admit I cheated a bit in that as I started taking my oils to support my weight loss and already started 2 weeks earlier and already lost 1 kilo) Check out the fab bottle I found Green Jump I ordered to get me drinking more (glass so totally safe to add my citrus oils although I sometimes prefer to take it in a capsule) definitely getting an extra one for the summer !

fles en olieAnd I will start taking my place in my Dutch Dares Design Team again so I will scrapbook again on a regular basis and will decorate my Filofax again and plan in it more.

Becoming me again is going faster than I had dare hope for but the happy is coming back into my life !

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