I’ve tried some things these past couple of years to connect more with my inner self, also an aspect of my personal development. Quite a challenge for me, I stored a lot of memories & emotions growing up to protect myself…

crave connection
There are different kinds therapies that are used for this and I’ve tried quite a few nei, journaling, soundingbowls, essential oils, meditation, AFT, Access bars consiousness, chunsoo, walk barefoot more in the grass and live more by my humandesign
Some may look or sound very WOOWOO but I have learned to that if I want to dig a little deeper and grow I have to keep an open mind.

Sounding bowls, walking in grass, essential oils for emotions and chunsoo are currently my faves from this list (sometimes combined). I like the way it helps me relax, release, refuel my inner QI and really feel all the emotions. What do you do to connect more with your inner child, voice, feelings?

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