I am not a certified health coach, I am not a certified AFT, EFT practicioner, I am not a homeopath, I am not a certified personal coach, I am not …

Yet I bring enough to the table

What I am is a mom of teenagers, a wife to an amazing guy, a daughter of a strong woman and a friend to whomever is in need. With what I have learned I educate those around me and those seeking my advice. I mentor those who wish to grow a business like I have, they may not come from a situation of financial stress, from unemployment and great debt to retiring a husband and supporting a family. By by sharing how I have left that behind me I show them anything is possible.

So no I may not have what society expects a natural health and wellness educator to have, but I teach my friends to educate themselves not just take my advice since I am not a medically trained professional and even if I was I’d still say the same…
Do your own research, take steps and make the changes that you need in you life.
For your body, mind, soul and maybe even your career, take control and if you need some help, I’m here for you!

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