It’s in our nature


What women do when they feel something is off, with their minds, their body, their life.
They blame it on stress, or previous stress, on hormones, on their busy lives on everything other than what it could be. Especially if you doctor can’t find an explanation in your bloodwork and you seem perfectly healthy. But we never think it could be because of our breast implants, even the doctors don’t seen to think of that. Why would they everyone claims they are safe right?
Well newsflash, they are lying! If you have breast implants please research them and if you are suffering from unexplainable issues, do yourself a favor and think about explanting.
Not everyone that gets implants feels off right away, heck it didn’t happen till my second set and crazy enough I wasn’t planning getting them. But the plastic surgeon convinced me it was my best option to feeling normal and that they were perfectly safe. Yeah right….. 2,5 years these perfectly safe saline breast implants turned out to be Mentor implants, textured and not as safe as they are supposed to be. So this month I am getting an explant, a reconstruction so I can heal my body from the vast amount of symptoms that I thought were simply there because of my season in my life.





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