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ed en ik brusselWhen I first started using my oils, June 2014, I didn’t know it would launch me into a new career, I was just sharing something great I discovered and it resonated with my friends and followers. Now EXACTLY 6 years ago, I’m so happy I did. I get the opportunity to bring more wellness into peoples homes & financial freedom into their lives. I mean, how cool is that?!

+ What if can help a mom figure out how to get a full night’s sleep?
+ Show a friend and her kids how to support their health?
+ Share how to swap out clean, toxic free alternatives into the homes or their beauty routine?
+ What if you could help a struggling friend pay for childcare or gas in their car?
+ What if you could help someone you love pay their mortgage or car payment?
+ What if you could quit your job and stay home with your kids, or tell your spouse to quit theirs?

+ What if you could take your family or friends on an amazing trip without even thinking twice about the bill?


This business can make it happen. Every SINGLE one of the above things has happened for me or someone I know on our team. I feel confident inviting people to work with me because I know what it did for us and know what it can mean for you.

Whether you have five free minutes a day or five hours, something as simple as sharing your referral link with friends, or inviting them in to learn about the business can completely change your life. It will give you as much as you are willing to work at it, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, its a business like any other.

My average MONTHLY income as an Executive in this business was €371*. What would that do for you?

My average MONTHLY income as a Silver in this business was €1625*. How could that affect your finances?

My average MONTHLY income as a Gold in this business was €3830*. How would that change your life?

My average MONTHLY income as Platinum in this business is €6000*. Can you imagine what you could give back & do for others with that income?!

And this is all without investing thousands, heck we were broke and jobless so it needed to be affordable for us too!

My investment was €190 in the starter kit and since then I’ve swapped out my products that I ran out of for young living ones, consistently every month.

So instead of shopping at drugstores, supermarkets etc. I chose Young Living so I could educate and share my experiences with those products. It’s not a sales pitch I am a product user and know what it did for my family, me and my friends. And I can teach you too whether you want to just use healthier products or want to start a business.

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