New Year, New directions, New Plans

Starting my own business has been one big adventure, meeting new people, climbing mountains, putting out fires and building towards something bigger and better, making friends along the way and sometimes doing things you wish you hadn’t and learning something new each and every day. Today the day has come that I have decided that […]


6 things I’m thankful for

First of all, something for someone who has a fun blog, is a cupcake & scrapbook lover like me and makes the most fun jump pic’s in the world ; crowdSPRING, hire Kelly Purkey for your new Community Marketing Manager! Second thanks everyone for your good health wishes, it took me 2,5 weeks but finally […]


too many things in one day

You know how looking back on a day you think, this was just too much goings on for one day ? Well that’s what I had yesterday. I went to 2 wholesalers to pick up the last ribbons, gel medium and some fab new pens & crayons for Corinne’s workshops (we have only a few […]