A sneeze lo

Someone close recently said she had the feeling she sneezed on a lo with some material ….. Obviously she wasn’t happy with her endresult and although it wasn’t her usual it was a nice lo. Well I know her feeling, my dutch dare is up and is feels like I sneezed (since I have a […]


Deck of me card 2 {Music}

Card 2; what is powerfull to me = Music I don’t mind sharing the journaling which is; Music is very powerful to me. It is a huge part of my life, even though I cannot make it myself and cannot sing to save my life. It’s universal and is used to help people in all […]


Deck of me

Via the wonderfull Nat, I was made aware of this great challenge Emily Falconbridge started on her weblog.An art journal made of a deck of cards, each week she will post a question and you scrap your answer on a card, at the end the year you will have a whole deck and that’s your […]