Ouch x 2

Right after our holiday we had a dentist appointment for the boys which went well. Michael was having a gum problem (started right before we went away) and the dentist was concerned and wanted to remove the moulder that was causing it. Michael had a choice ; either I would be poking in his mouth every day trying to get the bump on his gum cleaned out and he would have to keep rinsing with a discustiing substance of he could have the moulder removed. Guess what he chose ……

It went pretty well considering he is 6 … he did scream a few times but we said he was allowed since the dentist was puling out a moulder with a pair of pliers (that’s what he called it a “nijptang”) and I gave him my hand to squeeze. Which wasn’t a good idea because of all the tension I was squeezing back a few times LOL. I didn’t have the heart to take any pics at the dentist or right after as he did look pretty weird with his fat lip and dried blood everywere. But trust me the moulder scrapped !

Another thing causing some ouch is my birthday, now would you be offended if all your friends are cancelling on you LOL ?

Now I’m the kind of girl that loves birthdays (especially my own), it’s one of the 2 days a year I get spoiled by loved ones and doesn’t everyone love that ?! Problem is that I’m appearantly celebrating my birthday in a popular weekend. I wanted to do a grownup party on a saturday evening, hopefully in the garden if the weather keeps going like this so I emailed everyone in advance to get their babysitter organised for the party. But I keep getting cancellations, all good reasons that people can’t help but still if this keeps up Liek will be the only one showing up haha If that happens I’m taking her out !

Oh and you’ll never guess what we will be doing this weekend ! C’mon try everyone can play except Anita cause she knows LOL.


  1. anita

    ahh…i sympathis about your birthday…mine falls between queen’s day and liberation day…so everyone is always busy withl ots of good reson, but never feels good!

    i’m sure your family will make sure you have a good day anyway!!!

    have fun this weekend 😉

  2. Anonymous

    Hey sweetie! Yikes, that sounds pretty scary at the dentist, must be hard seeing your boy in pain!
    Oh and concerning the birthdaypart… same here, i had a bit of a get together last night, and had plenty of good-reasoned-cancellations, but also had a great time with the ones that were there!!

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