The worst concert of my life

Yep and I’ve been to quite a few but let me tell you Meatloaf has had his best days. I wish we had read into past reviews so we had not bought any tickets. He was slurred, off beat, catatonic at times and I have to hand it to the band and backup singers for attempting to carry him through the show, which didn’t work btw ….

They were fab, he was  s%$#@!d.

Such a shame I was so looking forward to this but DH, and I couldn’t even bear it after Paradise by the dashboard light and Bat out of hell we bailed before the last 3 songs of the concert ….. (Daphne couldn’t stand more than 4 songs if I’m not mistaken and went out for drinks ….) It is understandable you cannot singalong with newer songs but usually you can singalong for a bit but in we couldn’t even singalong with the songs we knew as the songs were played way slower and because he was constantly off beat it was impossible … such a shame

I don’t think I will ever be able to listen to his cd’s without the memory of this fiasco ….. RIP Meat Loaf and Michael Lee Aday you should think about a retirement home even though you’re only 60. Or maybe better become roommates with Ozzy ….


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