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danielle edinburg 2018

Did you know

~ bowling is my fave activity with friends and family. I secretly want to join a bowling club. Have my own team, shirt, shoes, ball and bag preferably in pink or turquoise. My family knows this and they will give in one day….

~ I love to buy out furniture second hand. It has character and if I’m over it i can resell it without feeling guilty.

~ my first ever concert was UB40 with my now bestie Angelique. Our friendship started after that we barely knew each other at the time but bonded instantly over music

~ I’m always late because I have no sense of time. Come to think of it same thing applies to space so the furniture reselling is a real thing at our house.

~ I don’t watch Dutch movies, rarely read Dutch novels or listen to Dutch music. I was really born here but mostly growing up abroad will do that.
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I was tagged

by Martine and I’ve taken my time thinking about this (nothing else to do as I’m ill again, for the 2nd week), are there any more weird things I can tell you that you didn’t already know from last time ?

Uhm yep …

1. When I’m naucious I cannot lie on my back or left side only on my right side or I will throw up … I realised this again on monday …..

2. I like eat 2 toppings on my sandwiches and have already got the boys eating cheese and jam, which not everyone thinks is too weird but I also looooove peanutbutter & jam, peanutbutter, banana and chocolate sprinkles, peanutbutter and just chocolate sprinkles and nutella with banana 🙂 not allowed this for a while though ….

3. I like to have complete sets of things … when I’m collecting I can go a little crazy and not only with material things you see I also collect images on the pc like crazy. It’s a good thing we have a big server or it would be too full … You see if i don’t I can’t remember it and where I saw it so I love to keep them safe if i ever remember i saw something I can browse in my little files and find it again and be inspired all over again 🙂

4. My pillowcases are much nicer to lay on when they are ironed, I don’t mind it when my duvet cover is not ironed though.

5. Everything has to be dated that comes in to our home. Whether it’s drawings & art from the kids or photo’s & home movies it has to be dated to keep me sane as I cannot remember when events were or when art was made and I hate guessing & not knowing. This is why preserving memories is VERY important to me.

6. I love whipped cream but not in pastry ! I love it on ice-cream, I love it on an apple pie (notice the on part), I love it on my hot cocoa, I love it on fresh fruit but not in pastry. So no slagroomgebak, bossche bol or slagroomhoorntjes for me ….

7. My starsign is virgo, yet since I have kids & my own company I’ve become very chaotic. This is so not working for me …..

I won’t be tagging anyone as my recipe swapp didn’t go very well either so just enjoy the info and share something with me in a comment (big hint for Kirs, Marianne & Evi) and I’ll be happy 😉 it will take my mind of being ill ……