Mini Cake Bunting

Mini Buntings on cakes are all the rage, but to be honest all the cutting stamping etc. is a lot of work after you’ve made a cake.

Thank god for freebies ! Here’s a digital freebie for 3 different shades courtesy of the Tom Kat Studio

Download PASTEL pages HERE
Download BRIGHT pages HERE
Download BOLD pages HERE

Star Wars Birthday

Star Wars Cupcakes for school treats

Chocolate & vanilla cupcakes, white chocolate spread and fondant circles.

The star wars cake, a story in itself …. I had everything planned how to, was on time with everything except the ordering of the cakesupplies. The fondant came way to late so I had to improvise. My friend was able to supply me with marzipan (yuck and so no fun to work with when you’re used to fondant) for the top part of the cake. And I made swiss merengue buttercream for the bottom cake, and omg this was so much easier and so delicious. Never making other buttercream again ! The top cake has vanilla merengue buttercream & cherry jam the bottom cake has chocolate mousse and strawberry jam.

A pretty cake for a pretty little girl

A friend of mine asked if I could help her out with a birthday cake for her pretty little girl as she couldn’t make her yummy cakes this year. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, although it was a pretty busy time already, cause that’s what friends do. My first pink cake with more than 1 layer …..

Adjusting and our boring life

Thanks for all your sweet comments, so far we’ve survived the first few weeks of DH’s surgery and he’s doing better every day. Although the pain after the surgery was much more than we had anticipated (not at all what other people who’ve had meniscus surgeries) which is probably due to the extra looking, searching, probing they did after all DH had been walking around with a bad meniscus for 2 years so it wasn’t exactly a clean break …. let’s just say they had to gather up all bits and pieces they could find and clean it all up. On our own request he started fysiotherapy after 2 weeks and things have been going much better since then, still limping around but he’s building up muscle in his leg again, the pain is getting less and he’s able to help out again with the boys. Good news too is that his fysio is located in my gym (yes i still have a subscription I just wasn’t going) and so I’m taking classes when he’s there as I have to drive him everywhere (no biking, no driving still for another 3 weeks at least) oh and i ache everywhere LOL.

As for other stuff we’ve been doing, I’ve been getting my scrapshop (irl and on the web) a bit more organised and i hope to start scrapping a bit again now that I can find stuff and have a bit of space.

I’ve taken up reading books again, those of you who are my pal on good reads have seen I’ve uploaded all the books I have waiting to be read by me that I’ve been buying … But “Twilight” and “New Moon” have been keeping me busy most (reading both in 2 days flat), wow Love that genre (suspence romance) and I cannot wait to see the movie DH managed to find for me on valentines day 🙂 Tommorow I’m off to the bookstore for the 3rd and final book in that trilogie.

Oh and I’ve been updating my favorite finds blog with fun stuff and I went to the theatre for some stand up comedy (love that) and can recommend Jandino to all the dutchies ! Not only is he very funny he can also sing so good, this is him on you tube

And that’s not all, I decorated a cake, yep a cake a big one 25×25 and it was less hard than I thought, and yummy too. Can’t wait to make one for the next bday we have in our family !

My holiday is over this week, have to work again on monday and the boys have their holiday then, since we can’t do anything fun together till friday we went to the movie BOLT this week and it was fab ! Definately recommend it !

B’day Recaps (not only mine)

So I totally forgot to show you Colin’s gorgeous bday cake (beware birthday photo overload ….) made by this lady found via this forum.

He had a disney party and she was totally into making a toy story cake for him. When Colin saw it he exclaimed “oooh that’s buz” (so happy we have that on the flip !) and I can understand he was in awe :

Oh and he liked the mickey mouse confetti on my cupcakes as well 😉

He was spoiled a lot here are some prezzies he got and there were a lot of vouchers for which he bought an epet (monkey), 3 boardgames (of course), a flashlight, a smurf, a game for his vtech and he still has plenty left but we’re spreading it not letting him spend it all at once …

And some pics from the celebration @ school:

For his party with his buddies we had a whole summer beach party planned but it was cold & rainy …. so we had to revert to plan B (which is actually something he came up with a week prior to the party but we had everything set for the beachtheme …) and that was to go bowling (he loved it and kept asking all the kids at the end if they liked his party, how sweet is that?!)! To add another fun factor we did our “wild fast food” lunch which is always very popular with the kids (translation : we package our whole table in alu foil and spread the french fries, snacks and mayonaise, appelsauce etc. on the table and let them eat … ALWAYS guaranteed to give you faces full of amazement LOL). And then as a grand finally stomping (well sometimes it’s sitting or lying) on the numbered balloons so the corresponding presents can be opened :

And as for me I was spoiled too on my birthday by the boys and my family and we had a fun day celebrating together. No breakfast in bed as the boys had a game, but a fun breakfast together and the unwrapping of presents. The boys gave me a pink apron and a baking book with great recipes and Ed gave me a Wii FIT !! then my parents joined us to go to the game (they won and Michael scored a homerun !) and a great brunch at home, they got me a tickets to go to Stevie Wonder (mom & I are going, so excited), my brother joined us for games and installing the Wii Fit (hilarious with the weighing and such but hey I’m very healthy appearantly) and then we went for dinner. It was a very relaxing most perfect birthday in a very long time ….

And yesterdayevening my party…. although I didn’t have a lot of guests (somehow there was so much stuff going on ?? what the &#@$%!!! it all was I still don’t quite know but it depressed the hell out of me … and I didn’t even want to make cupcakes for the guests that were coming) but at a certain point I just said f… I am going to make cupcakes anyway bcause otherwise I will have nothing partylike to serve my guests so I started making them anyway and it’s just like scrapping I swear ! It’s very therapeutic to bake when you’re a bit depressed when your friends are having a rough time and there’s nothing you can do about it (it was definately a full moon this weekend…), but I must say, the cupcakes turned out yummy (click on the picture to see the embossed fondant), I felt better and it was great fun with the girls that came !

Some gifts I got were Nigella Lawson – domestic goddess, a kookbook with kids bday cakes, a gift certificate for a chocolaterie, great bodylotion & showergel, a cute bracelet, lipbalm, a candle, a soap with some money attached to the package, money, a ticket to see Alicia Keys with Martine, a gift voucher & money over the mail and a gift voucher so I can get this perfum that I’ve been wanting for a while :

Yep this girl was definately spoiled :D!

Special Events

It’s my birthday

I’ve supported a friend in her goal to get 1.500 sponsor donations for a breastcancer charity fund “A Sisters Hope” walk (she not only has to raise this money but also walk 60km) which I think is so awesome !!!! I wanted to help so I baked about 90 cupcakes which sold really well at a bake sale. Feels good to donate some time and ingredients that quadrouple it’s value 😀

I started a new blog so I wouldn’t bore you with all my cupcakes on this blog (I’ve been making a lot lately), if you want to see them you can find them here, but wanted to share these, since they are my fave’s till now. Made them for a special date with my friends Co, Jo & Flo

photo courtesy of C. Delis